Gary Fitleberg

The Disputed Territories

The disputed territories are not "occupied territories", as claimed by the Arab, Islamist perpetual political propaganda. The territories of Gaza, Judea and Samaria (wrongfully called the "West Bank") are orphaned portions of the Palestine Mandate that, since 1948, have never been allocated to a sovereign nation. , 8/29/2005, 8:52 PM

Gaza's History and the Jews

Evidence of a considerable Jewish presence in Gaza during the Talmudic period is provided also by a relief of a <I>menorah</I>, a <I>shofar</I>, a <I>lulav</I> and an <I>etrog</I>, which appears on a pillar of the Great Mosque of Gaza, along with various Hebrew and Greek inscriptions., 7/8/2005, 9:03 AM

A Case Against Disengagement

A case against the "disengagement" can be easily made based solely on safety and security considerations., 6/14/2005, 9:21 PM

Palestinians Deserve Better

Arab Palestinians deserve economic prosperity, a higher standard of living, freedom of the press, and political freedoms. Let us now compare the so-called Palestinian economy, their standards of living, and rights during the period of Israeli jurisdiction, with the situation unerPA/PLO jurisdiction. Consider the balance sheet. , 5/19/2005, 1:00 PM

Leaving "Occupied" Lebanon

Springtime for Syria. This was the world's deadline for Syria to end its staging ground for terrorism and strategic, twenty-nine year-old "occupation" of Lebanon. , 5/1/2005, 5:21 PM

Jordan and the "Right of Return"

Jordan urged Israel to accept a "right of return" for Arab "Palestinian" refugees., 4/7/2005, 9:55 PM

Mazen the "Moderate"

Mahmoud Abbas - or, as he is more affectionately known, Abu Mazen - has been declared a "moderate" by those who wish to whitewash his past career of murder and mayhem. But ABBAS might stand for Arafat in a Brooks Brothers Altered Suit., 3/31/2005, 3:29 PM

War With Words

There is war with words. Words can be worse than sticks and stones. And Arab propaganda ministers are the masters of the word war. With labels, they legitimize terrorism., 3/11/2005, 9:44 AM

Presbyterians Fail Morality Test

If any divestment should be taking place by the Presbyterians, it morally must take a stand against the Arab and Islamist perpetrators rather than against their victims. , 2/27/2005, 6:14 PM

United Nations Against Israel

It's time the media and the world face the facts, set the record straight and tell the truth. , 2/13/2005, 11:52 PM

Abbas Follows In Arafat's Footsteps

Mahmoud Abbas - Yasser Arafat in a Brooks Brothers, altered suit., 1/31/2005, 9:34 PM

Israel's Christian Population

Bethlehem, now an Arab "Palestinian" city, once had a majority Christian population; and in the time of Jesus, a Jewish population., 1/20/2005, 10:45 PM

Temporary Two-State Solution

Anyone who is honest and moral will admit that the Arab "proposed peace plan" is the annihilation of the only beacon of democracy and freedom in the bad neighborhood known as the Middle East, full of corrupt dictatorships, human rights violators, ruthless repressive regimes and tyrannies., 1/9/2005, 9:50 PM

Barghouti Bails

Marwan Barghouti is the Arab flip-flop candidate for the available "Chairman of Terror", or so-called "presidential" position, at the Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO)., 12/19/2004, 7:57 PM

Barghouti is Back

Barghouti is back again. Like Yasser Arafat. Like a bad smell that won't go away., 12/12/2004, 5:30 PM

Jews Transfer Jews

Jews transferring Jews, removing them for the sake of Arabs. What is wrong with this idea?, 12/1/2004, 7:55 PM

Who Killed the Road Map?

Another act of bashing hatred of Israel took place at one of the forums and homes of Arab/Islamist apartheid incitement and racism, more commonly known as the United Nations (United Against Israel)., 11/21/2004, 6:58 PM

Annan: Arafat's Absence

With Arab "Palestinian" leader Yasser Arafat in a coma, Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed hope for a smooth transition and progress toward the goal of an Arab "Palestinian" state living in peace with Israel., 11/8/2004, 6:59 PM

Viva La Gaza

The US Secretary of State said he understood why Israel launched its military incursion into northern Gaza last week. "Israel has been under assault from rockets coming out of Gaza," he said Tuesday during an official visit to Brazil. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was acting in "self-defense," Powell said., 10/20/2004, 10:19 PM

Bush, Kerry & Israel

One of the most important US elections in our history will help shape the future of Israel. Each and every individual who is concerned for Israel's peace and security must weigh the record and statements of the two presidential candidates very carefully and seriously., 10/14/2004, 9:48 PM

Israel and the Arab Land Grab

The Children of Israel - also known as Hebrews, Israelites, Jews (called this name from the tribe of Judah and area of Judea), Palestinians (after their conquerors renamed the land Palestine), or today, Israelis - are giving up their gift, first in Gaza, and then in the Galilee and other places, because of the cash-strapped economy. They are yielding to perpetual political propaganda ploys and ter, 10/8/2004, 1:16 PM

Ghadafi's Generosity

Ghadafi is showing his generosity. Out of the goodness of his heart, he is offering the Jews compensation for what was forcibly taken from them and was rightfully theirs in the first place., 9/26/2004, 9:14 PM

Backwards Indyk

If Israel wants peace with Syria, then it has to give up the Golan Heights, said Martin Indyk to the Israeli media during his visit to Kazakhstan on Tuesday., 9/9/2004, 11:53 PM

Chutzpah: Iran & Israel

The best defense is a good offense when it comes to Iran, Israel and nuclear weapons of mass destruction., 8/30/2004, 7:25 PM

Gandhi's Grandson & Gaza

Maybe the lies and propaganda will end. Maybe. Let's see Arafat smoke a peace pipe., 8/23/2004, 10:07 PM

"Palestine" and the Olympics

Believe it or not. There is a Palestine Olympic Committee. It is allowed to parade its political propaganda ploy of the fictional "Palestine" and "Palestinians" and also able to participate in the Olympic games., 8/17/2004, 11:18 PM

Olympic "Torch of Peace"

Yasser Arafat has proclaimed an "Olympic Truce" and a "Torch of Peace" in the spirit of international harmony and peace during the summer games, which will be held August 13th through August 29th. In any case, the Israeli athletes will be under the protective eye of Israel's security team., 8/9/2004, 9:06 PM

Guilty: Hamas & Holy Land

"Hamas did not take any penny from the Holy Land Foundation," Moussa Abu Marzouk, a member of the political bureau of Hamas, told the Associated Press in Damascus. "Hamas has its own means of funding that is not connected with any institution in the West." Surely we can trust in the word of terrorists in Hamas for honesty., 8/1/2004, 5:12 PM

Teaching Terrorism in the Textbooks

"The Jews are wickedness in its very essence." - a language exercise from a ninth-grade Saudi Arabian textbook. , 7/25/2004, 4:42 PM

Arafat's Final Ultimatum?

The "Quartet" consisting of the US, UN, EU and Russia, is singing the same tune called "Ultimatum", as they once again have told Yasser Arafat to reform his Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO) security services or risk losing international support., 7/15/2004, 11:52 PM

Saudis - Practice What You Preach

Saudi Arabia needs to practice what it preaches, but not what it teaches (terrorism). It preaches that the United States needs to rethink its Middle East policies. Saudi Arabia must rethink its Middle East policies. The sooner Saudi Arabia does so, the better off they'll be., 7/7/2004, 7:37 PM

"Palestinian" Bombings Condemned

The chairman of a United Nations meeting in Africa on Arab "Palestinian" rights condemned homicide bombings., 7/1/2004, 11:52 PM

Meah She'arim & Me

When it was established, it was the most progressive neighborhood in Jerusalem. The people who first came to live there were innovators and pioneers. The brave citizens decided to move out of the congested Jewish quarter within the walls of the Old City. A majority vote could banish any resident who brought about intrigue, disorder and quarrel, G-d forbid., 6/17/2004, 10:50 PM

Arafat, In His Own Words

Is Yasser Arafat deserving of a Nobel Peace prize? Is Arafat a man of his word? Or is Arafat "Chairman of Terror" and mastermind of mass murder and mayhem?, 5/27/2004, 8:30 PM

Gaza: Surrender or Withdrawal?

Arab so-called "Palestinians" claim they want statehood, through withdrawal by the Israelis from the so-called "occupied territories", or "Palestinian territories" (which in fact are "disputed territories"), of Gaza, Judea and Samaria., 5/12/2004, 9:53 PM

Deaf, Dumb & Blind: Spiritual Terrorism

The founder and ruler of spiritual terrorism is Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. He is the spiritual inspiration for mass murder and mayhem, of the so-called "suicide bomber" phenomenon, which is the weapon of mass destruction designed to eliminate Israel and Jews internationally., 3/28/2004, 6:55 PM

The Mount of Olives and Me

During December 1947, my maternal great-grandmother Mascha Reizel (nee Sofer) Hillman was being buried on <I>Har Hazeitim</I>. While the funeral procession was taking place, it was attacked by Arabs and the majority of the participants were murdered ruthlessly. Those that were fortunate to survive had to hide and bury the dead during the darkness of night., 3/10/2004, 8:00 PM

<i>Yarmulkes</I>, Crosses & <i>Hijabs</I>

France, a self-declared democratic nation of liberalism, is showing its true colors by suppressing the tried and true democratic values of Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech., 2/26/2004, 9:55 PM

The ICJ is a Kangaroo Court

"Guilty until proven innocent" is the standard applied in the forthcoming case involving Israel's right to protect its citizens from harm and maintain security against terrorism, if the ICJ will have its way., 2/8/2004, 10:15 PM

Jordan is Palestine

Let's closely examine the facts of history from the Arab perspective, rather than the Jewish one, regarding Jordan and Palestine., 2/2/2004, 5:53 PM

Motherly Love

Why would any mother want to leave behind small children, her husband and her lover? Sounds like she had it all. Paradise here on earth., 1/20/2004, 6:10 PM

"Palestinian" Children Play With Terror

The children are taught from infancy through adulthood all the basic lessons and techniques of terrorism. From birth and the cradle the children learn hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence., 1/14/2004, 5:52 PM

The Fence Arafat Built

"This is the fence that Arafat built. His terrorism initiated it and made its construction inevitable," declared Dan Gillerman, Israeli Ambassador to the U.N., 1/4/2004, 6:10 PM

Transfer is an Ugly Word

When it comes to Arabs, ?transfer? is an ugly word. When it comes to Jews, it is barely important news. , 12/29/2003, 7:53 PM

Where?s the Justice?

We live in a topsy turvy world today. A mad, mad, mad world! , 12/22/2003, 6:12 PM

Abandoning Our God, Land & Brethren

One is responsible for one?s brother according to our Jewish tradition. We can surely not abandon our Israeli brethren no matter where they are? Argentina? Ethiopia... France... Kenya? Russia... Uganda, and especially the disputed territories of Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Especially the latter, which is the ancient biblical and original land of the Children of Israel., 12/16/2003, 5:47 PM

?Palestinians? Deserve Better

In a recent address at the Whitehill Chapel, President George W. Bush declared that ?Palestinians? deserve better leadership. Bush called for ?Palestinians? to strive for democracy as a way to peace with Israel., 12/8/2003, 4:20 PM

Arafat, Ashrawi & Orwell

Arafat wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Hanan Ashrawi wins the Sydney Peace Prize., 11/27/2003, 5:53 PM

A Film That is Obscene

Israel?s Supreme Court reversed a ban on public screenings of an Israeli Arab director?s film about one of the most controversial and hotly debated military confrontations during the three-year long Arab ?Palestinian? <i>intifada</i>. , 11/16/2003, 6:11 PM

Arafat?s Health

It appears that Arafat?s physical health may be in danger, but despite Israel?s threat to ?remove? him from power by arrest, assassination or expulsion, his political health is quite good. Arafat?s health has apparently been diminishing in lieu of his pending removal., 10/20/2003, 4:29 PM