Gil Ronen, A7 Staff

The Wicked Witches of the Left

Anti-familists are the root cause of leftist rot., 5/4/2007, 1:00 AM

The <i>Yiddishe Mameh</i> and Deterrence

I've been holding myself back from writing this article for quite a while now, because I figured it would come across as... well... somewhat weird., 10/14/2003, 1:19 PM

Operation ?Megiddo House?

When Herzl, a journalist and playwright, wanted to dramatize his vision of the Jewish State, he did it in book form (<I>The Jewish State</I>). If he had other means of projecting his vision into the minds of his audience - a film, a TV production, or a Flash presentation on the Internet - I?m convinced he would have utilized them. I?m thinking that when Herzl said Israel?s leading profession would, 3/26/2003, 2:50 AM