Gil Ronen, A7 Staff

Bennett-Lapid: Genius Tactic or Gross Irresponsibility?

The pact between the parties could be a brilliant move heralding a Zionist revolution – or a colossal blunder., 2/25/2013, 2:45 PM

The Pink Peril

This article is about militant feminism, the global political movement. , 2/15/2013, 11:13 AM

Women are Not Female Men

One man's view of the feminist battle. Why try to make women the same as men?, 1/2/2012, 12:35 PM

Throwing Peace Under Abbas

The writer has strong words for Abbas, the PA and all those who want to see an end to Israel - which he suggests that they take to heart., 9/22/2011, 8:30 AM

Could War Cause Disengagement?

INN newswriter: Thousands of missiles raining down on civilian population centers could trigger a 'disengagement' from the Arabs who reside in Israel. , 9/6/2010, 11:53 PM

U.S. Jewry's Dangerous Illusion

There is no way U.S. Jewry will survive if Israel,G-d forbid, doesn't. Take heed., 4/28/2010, 10:13 AM

The Left Enslaves Women

The women of Kolech, financed by a fund that aids the enemy, want all Jewish women to be like them. This writer has strong words for that agenda., 3/18/2010, 8:33 AM

The No Israel Fund

Does the fact that the New Israel Fund aids social welfare causes make up for its funding NGO's that villify and weaken Israel? Are these fronts for working against Israel's survival? , 2/10/2010, 11:44 PM

Leave Olmert Alone

The Right has achieved very little in 14 years., 1/29/2008, 11:54 PM

The Coming War

Something earth-shaking and soul-wrenching., 10/29/2007, 7:11 PM

The Wicked Witches of the Left

Anti-familists are the root cause of leftist rot., 5/4/2007, 1:00 AM

The <i>Yiddishe Mameh</i> and Deterrence

I've been holding myself back from writing this article for quite a while now, because I figured it would come across as... well... somewhat weird., 10/14/2003, 1:19 PM

Operation ?Megiddo House?

When Herzl, a journalist and playwright, wanted to dramatize his vision of the Jewish State, he did it in book form (<I>The Jewish State</I>). If he had other means of projecting his vision into the minds of his audience - a film, a TV production, or a Flash presentation on the Internet - I?m convinced he would have utilized them. I?m thinking that when Herzl said Israel?s leading profession would, 3/26/2003, 2:50 AM