Baruch Stein

Why a strategic exit for Ben Carson would be to endorse Marco Rubio

If Carson gives Rubio his support, things could change for the Republicans., 3/1/2016, 2:52 PM

J Street, Iran, and democracy

Airing one's dirty laundry in public is not the way to cement the relationship between the US and Israel., 11/5/2015, 8:48 AM

Orthodox Realignment Challenging Habayit Hayehudi

Is Bayit Yehudi going to take a stand on the ever deepening split in Religious Zionist ranks on religious matters?, 8/30/2015, 9:25 AM

Obama's Snap-Back Sanctions Won't Snap Back

Nuclear proliferation will be able to expand much faster than the procedure for sanctioning allows., 7/14/2015, 11:01 AM

Iran’s Nuclear Export Agreement

Sanctions may be the best and only weapon left to the West., 7/13/2015, 5:27 AM

Iran Timetables Still Elusive

With no prior information on breakout times, the whole world will know what they are when the bomb goes off, so how’s that for transparency?, 6/29/2015, 1:25 PM

Does The Sun Set on Iran Framework?

Imagine Iran being able to produce and launch a nuclear weapon in days, or even hours. It can happen., 5/3/2015, 10:56 AM

A "Peace" Party

If Herzog is accepted as pro-peace, who, then, by implication, are they trying to paint as pro-war?, 3/15/2015, 5:39 PM