Jeff Jacoby

Two-State Peace Isn't Their Goal

The two-state solution is a chimera., 5/21/2009, 1:51 PM

In Israel, a Voice of Realism

Finally!, 4/6/2009, 12:21 AM

History's Oldest Hatred

It is mutable and unyielding., 3/18/2009, 11:16 PM

A Question of Faith

Efforts to understand a godless universe., 11/26/2008, 12:13 PM

Israel is Paying for Its Defeat

Jerusalem erodes its own reputation., 7/3/2008, 11:19 PM

A Triumph of Life and Hope

More than astonishment., 5/13/2008, 12:33 AM

Facing the Truth About Jihadist Violence

They emphatically cite the Koran., 4/4/2008, 12:26 AM

Slaughter and Jubilation

The most perverse behavior of all., 3/16/2008, 1:10 PM

Death of the Bush Doctrine

What happened to "with us or with the terrorists"?, 1/20/2008, 11:20 PM

By the Light of the White House Menorah

America is what the sages call malchut shel chesed, 12/17/2007, 12:48 PM

Is Israel a Jewish State?

It is home to nearly half the world's Jews., 11/18/2007, 11:40 PM

Demonizing the Jewish State

It is boorish to speak of Jews as Christ-killers., 10/23/2007, 6:58 PM

The Big Lie About The 'Great Silencer'

"The Israel Lobby" is on sale everywhere., 9/24/2007, 7:22 PM

Six Days to Remember - Accurately

Against a gusher of revisionist history., 6/11/2007, 11:00 PM

Israel's Deadly Stupor

We're aching to live normally., 5/11/2007, 11:44 AM

Take a Good Look at the Palestinian State

So many voices still push for a Palestinian state., 2/19/2007, 10:25 PM

Are Women Giving Up on Marriage?

Did you know that a majority of American women now live without husbands? I didn't either, but last week the <i>New York Times</i> announced it on Page 1: "51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse.", 1/22/2007, 12:21 PM

Words That Can Kill

If Simon Bikindi has been charged with incitement to commit genocide, why hasn't Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?, 12/21/2006, 3:15 PM

Undeserved Forgiveness

Confronted with such premeditated malevolence, what decent person wouldn't seethe with fury and revulsion? What parent or grandparent wouldn't regard such a massacre as not only unspeakable, but well nigh unforgivable?, 10/11/2006, 8:10 AM

What Israeli Security Has to Teach

Things don't hijack planes, terrorists do -- and the best way to detect terrorists is to focus on intercepting not bad things, but bad people., 8/27/2006, 6:32 PM

When is Anti-Semitism a Big Story?

Incident A involved nothing more dangerous than a guy spewing crude anti-Semitic slurs when he was arrested for drunk driving; once sober, he publicly and profusely apologized. Incident B involved a Muslim gunman's premeditated assault on a prominent Jewish institution; his attack left one woman dead and sent five to the hospital., 8/8/2006, 12:20 AM

The Enemy is Iran

Was it just a coincidence that Ahmadinejad's prediction of "a huge explosion" came only days before Hizbullah's assault across the border and its unprecedented attack on Haifa? Or did the rabid president of the evil regime that bankrolls Hizbullah with an estimated $200 million a year know what was coming?, 7/21/2006, 12:00 AM

Has Israel Lost the Spirit of '76?

Far from demonstrating that "Entebbe rules" still guide Israeli policy, the latest crisis merely proves what folly it was to abandon them., 7/3/2006, 10:35 PM

The Silence of God

It is the inevitable question in Auschwitz, that vast factory of death where the Nazis tortured, starved, shot, and gassed to death as many as a million and a half innocent human beings, most of them Jews. , 6/5/2006, 8:17 PM

Tough Love From Israel's Friends

In a democracy, it is said, people get the leaders they deserve. Israeli voters chose Olmert in a free and fair election, knowing full well that he intended to "disengage" from the enemy by giving up more land. If that enemy threatened only Israel, perhaps a case could be made for letting Israelis lie in the bed they themselves have made., 5/25/2006, 8:04 PM

On Israel's Side

Solidarity with Israel is an abiding feature of American public opinion. , 4/2/2006, 1:35 PM

Why Summers Fell

Harvard's 27th president announced his resignation last week, but Lawrence Summers's fall from grace actually began on Oct. 26, 2001, less than four months after his presidency began., 2/23/2006, 11:21 AM

When Fear Cows the Media

, 2/22/2006, 1:47 PM

The Flames of Hate in Alabama

, 2/16/2006, 8:48 PM

The Hamas Victory is Good News

I think the sweeping Hamas victory is by far the best result that could have been hoped for. , 1/31/2006, 7:28 PM

Bringing Faith Into Contempt

The Talmud teaches that when a person is brought to judgment in the world-to-come, the first question the heavenly tribunal puts to him is: "Did you conduct your business affairs in good faith?", 1/11/2006, 10:31 PM

Obsessive Anti-Semitism

Ahmadinejad's ugly outpourings were condemned in the West, but they provoked almost no protest in Arab and Muslim countries, where Jews are routinely portrayed as evil sub-humans fit only for extermination., 12/19/2005, 6:51 PM

A War of Values

Far from being "too confrontational" in their attitude toward Islam, many Western elites have been too indulgent and deferential, careful never to say anything that might be deemed insensitive. One result has been an increase in extremist behavior. Witness the violent "Eurofada" raging in the streets of Paris., 11/8/2005, 10:03 PM

Gaza's Final Evacuees

The last Jewish inhabitants were removed from the Gaza Strip last week. They put up no resistance. Unlike the emotion-drenched scenes two weeks ago, the Gazan Jews who left last week went in silence. , 9/4/2005, 11:57 PM

Nazi Echoes in the Gaza 'Disengagement'?

Sharon's plan may be delusional -- instead of enabling Israelis to "disengage" from Palestinian violence, it will bring them more of it, and in deadlier forms -- but it isn't the Final Solution. And yet..., 8/1/2005, 7:06 PM

In Poland, Anti-Semitism is in Retreat

Today, naked Jew-hatred, to say nothing of praise for the Nazi genocide of six million Jews (half of whom were murdered on Polish soil), is increasingly viewed as detestable in Polish society. But at the same time, many Poles continue to regard Jews as an alien race., 7/17/2005, 10:47 PM

Everybody Loses in Sharon's Gaza Plan

It will be a tragic upheaval. But Jews won't be the only victims of Sharon's plan. , 5/11/2005, 4:02 PM

Does Israel Want Palestinian Democracy?

An Arab Palestine in which ordinary citizens could freely criticize their rulers? In which political power wasn't monopolized by terrorist groups?, 4/17/2005, 4:05 PM

Sharon's Retreat is a Victory for Terrorists

"Evacuating Netzarim," [Sharon] said in 2002, referring to one of the Gaza communities, "will only encourage terrorism and increase the pressure upon us.", 4/3/2005, 1:37 PM

A Prophet Without Honor in His Country

Sharansky's great themes mesh with the Wilsonian ideals Bush has been articulating since 9/11: that liberty and self-rule are universal aspirations, that freedom has the power to pacify hostile regimes, and that the best way to promote global security is to advance democracy and human rights., 2/20/2005, 9:48 PM

Religious Hatred, Saudi-Style

In which country are Muslims being taught the following lessons? ...Jews "are worse than donkeys." They are the corrupting force "behind materialism, bestiality, the destruction of the family, and the dissolution of society." , 2/7/2005, 9:57 PM

A Factory for Death

Was it the inhuman medical experiments carried out by doctors like Josef Mengele, such as the deliberate destruction of healthy organs, or the sadistic abuse of twins and dwarfs? Was it the willing exploitation of Jewish slave labor by German corporations? The tens of thousands of murdered children and babies?, 1/30/2005, 5:38 PM

The Problem With Mahmoud Abbas

The three other candidates were never going to get more than a sliver of the vote. That they got any votes at all was impressive, given the virtual news blackout on their campaigns by the Fatah-controlled Palestinian media and the bullying of anyone tempted to support them., 1/10/2005, 9:48 PM

Bush, Kerry and the Jewish Vote

When they go to the polls in November, which of the two major parties will American Jews support? Consider:, 10/4/2004, 10:45 PM

Saudi Arabia's Religious Hatred

Saudi Arabia is the kind of country in which an 8th-grade textbook teaches that Jews and Christians were cursed by Allah and turned into apes and pigs, and in which 9th graders learn that on the day of judgment, "a Jew will hide behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will call upon the Muslim: 'O Muslim, O slave of Allah! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'", 9/26/2004, 10:11 PM

How Arafat's Gunmen Suppress the News

Suppressing news by threatening reporters with violence or death is one of the dirty little secrets of Middle East journalism. In his 1989 memoir <I>From Beirut to Jerusalem</I>, Thomas Friedman wrote that "physical intimidation" was a major impediment to honest reporting from Beirut during the years when southern Lebanon was in the grip of Yasser Arafat's PLO., 8/16/2004, 9:30 PM

Anti-Semitism and the UN

"Even when judged against the hypocrisy with which the UN has frequently treated its own founding principles," wrote legal scholar Anne Bayefsky, a professor at Columbia University Law School, in an important article in <I>Commentary</I> earlier this year, "the international body's abiding hostility to the just claims of Israel and the Jewish people remains a special, and especially egregious, cas, 6/27/2004, 6:33 PM

Abandoning Gaza Will Not End Terrorism

No. Arab-Israeli peace will not be won by dragging people, kicking and screaming, from their homes. Nor will it be won by giving land and statehood to the gangsters who run Hamas and Fatah. Abandoning the field to the terrorists will not make the terrorism stop., 5/9/2004, 5:32 PM

Faith in the Depths of Hell

The order to kill every pregnant Jewish woman had been issued that morning. So when a Nazi guard patrolling the Jewish ghetto in Kovno noticed a pregnant Jew walking past the local hospital, he shot her at point-blank range. She died on the spot. , 4/19/2004, 5:47 PM

The Cancer of Anti-Semitism in Europe

I have been meaning to write about the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe, a topic to which I last devoted a column in April 2002. Jews, I wrote then, "are the canary in the coal mine of civilization. When they become the objects of savagery and hate, it means the air has been poisoned and an explosion is soon to come." , 4/2/2004, 11:08 AM

The Courage Of Muslim Moderates

If anyone should be raising their voices against the totalitarians and terrorists who promote such evil in the name of Islam, it is the millions of moderate Muslims who have the good fortune to live in America, Canada, and Europe. The image of Islam in the West would be greatly enhanced if more of them would speak out against the bigotry and brutality of the militants and forcefully advocate demo, 3/18/2004, 6:18 PM

Time For Regime Change In Tehran

The United States should long ago have made regime change in Tehran a clear-cut goal of US foreign policy. At every turn, the mullahs who rule Iran have demonstrated their enmity for everything we are trying to accomplish in the Middle East. They are determined to keep Iraq agitated and unstable, and actively work to undercut US influence there., 3/16/2004, 5:26 PM

Geneva: A Blueprint for War

It is hard to say which is more atrocious, the content of the Geneva document or the process that produced it., 12/8/2003, 6:39 PM

Palestinian Terror, American Blood

A few hours after their deaths, the White House condemned "the vicious act of terrorism" that had killed them, extended "heartfelt condolences to the families," and promised "to bring the terrorists to justice." The families of the many previous US victims of Palestinian terror might reasonably wonder why there was no such presidential concern when <i>their</I> loved ones were massacred. , 10/21/2003, 5:43 PM

Oslo's Terrible Toll

Israelis crave peace, and they thought they craved it at any price. But peace at any price leads to war., 9/15/2003, 8:31 PM

Harvard's Tainted Money

Against the backdrop of Arab anti-Semitism ? the most virulent Jew-hatred since the Hitler years ? the closing of a single anti-Semitic institute in the Middle East barely registers as a blip on the screen. But it's a blip worth pausing to note, for it shows what can be achieved when one gutsy individual decides to push back against bigotry. And it illuminates the complicity of intellectuals whose, 9/2/2003, 11:48 AM

A 'Road Map' to Nowhere

...[I]n the weeks leading up to President Bush's back-to-back summits with Abbas and Sharon, the media harped incessantly on the release of Palestinian prisoners as a critical step in the latest Middle East peace process. Some reporters noted in passing that the ?road map? doesn't say anything about Palestinian prisoners, but others falsely implied ? or stated outright ? that freeing criminals was, 8/6/2003, 10:27 PM