Noah Beck

Jordan intensifies Anti-Israel rhetoric

Ignoring security challenges, Jordan is denouncing Israel for its own political ends. Some of the hostility goes beyond mere words., 6/4/2017, 7:16 AM

PA deception used to gain greater acceptance

Abbas did not let the truth get in the way of his absurd statements to President Trump. , 5/10/2017, 2:55 PM

Islamist attacks on holidays

Attacking on Diwali or Christmas or Yom Kippur is essentially declaring that such “infidel” holy days ought to be desecrated rather than respected. , 4/23/2017, 6:00 AM

Exploiting children to fight Israel

While pressuring Israel to curtail construction in Judea and Samaria, Trump might want to take a look at the PA curriculum., 4/6/2017, 11:39 PM

World shrugs as Hezbollah prepares massive civilian deaths

Lebanon has made Hezbollah, whose rocket launchers are in homes and villages, part of its official army, making it responsible for civilian deaths on both sides should war erupt. Where is the UN?, 3/25/2017, 10:38 PM

Media misfeasance exposed in “Eyeless in Gaza” documentary

Hamas can control what journalists report, and what they don’t. Israel is the victim of this kind of fake news. , 3/5/2017, 11:35 PM

Arabs turn Jerusalem into a tool of terror

Jerusalem has a long and bloody history of being manipulated by Muslim leaders into an explosive tool of incitement., 2/8/2017, 8:19 AM

The left has lost its logic on Israel

Why do liberals embrace illiberal players in the Arab-Israeli conflict? , 1/25/2017, 8:51 PM

Israel’s resilient decency despite extreme terrorism  

In 2015, Israelis suffered about 10 attempted terrorist attacks every day, equivalent to 411 per day in the US. But stories of Israeli decency and the relative prosperity of Israel’s Muslims rarely appear in the mainstream media., 10/7/2016, 10:43 AM

Syria brutality enabled by anti-Israel double standards

The violence in Syria has become routine. The UN focuses on alleged Palestinian deaths rather than on the enormous number of Syrian civilian killings. , 8/24/2016, 6:24 PM

A growing trend: Brave Muslim Zionists

There are various trends for the appearance of pro-Israel Muslims. One is revulsion from ISIS., 8/20/2016, 9:00 PM

Islam, Sexual Violence, and the West

The mass migration from the Middle East and North Africa raises the specter of Islamist terror on European soil, but it also augurs the kind of sexual abuse that those regions tolerate.., 7/29/2016, 1:43 PM

The case for Kurdish statehood

The reasons for the West to support Kurdish statehood are manifold and the time is ripe, now that there is no more Syria, to do something for this persecuted, religiously tolerant and militarily egalitarian society., 7/13/2016, 10:47 AM

BDS spreads anti-Semitism across U.S. campuses

According to AMCHA, 2016 already has seen 171 anti-Semitic/BDS incidents as of April 21., 5/14/2016, 7:13 AM

Anti-Semitism at Connecticut College, some faculty speak out

A faculty member writes that Jewish students or professors have reason to be afraid to come to the college., 3/7/2016, 10:15 AM

Plenty of Palestinian passes

Letting Palestinian Arabs get away with violent and irresponsible actions makes peace drift farther away than ever., 2/11/2016, 9:24 PM

Depraved Academia: Connecticut College vs. Kent State

Connecticut College silences pro-Israel professor while Kent State tolerates Islamist professor. , 1/29/2016, 3:16 PM

The Pessin affair exposes Connecticut College anti-Semitism

The anti-Semites seem to have won this battle., 1/24/2016, 4:56 AM

Covering terrorism against Israelis: an idiot’s guide

Don't skip the video at the beginning of this well-researched article, nor any of the other links that show how terror against Israelis is skewed cunningly to turn victims into aggressors and vice versa. , 11/2/2015, 9:40 AM

Why Is Anyone Still Reading the Blatantly Biased New York Times?

It is probably lying about everything else as well. Stop supporting it., 10/2/2015, 8:31 AM

The Mideast Migrant Crisis Requires Mideast Solutions

Where are the Arab states? , 9/7/2015, 12:48 PM

Surviving the Obama Presidency and the Iranian Bomb

There is a way to deal with the agreement after Obama's term is over., 8/25/2015, 6:05 AM

Getting a Bad Iran Deal at Any Price

Whose side is Obama on?, 7/6/2015, 11:52 PM

Saving Democracy from Itself

Americans who treasure their freedoms must oppose what is happening on American campuses. Sign the petition (link below) for Andrew Pessin. , 4/17/2015, 7:47 AM

Apocalyptic Betrayals

The US could simply assert an ultimatum, but Obama, instead, is leading us to WWIII., 3/30/2015, 10:15 AM

Speechless on Iranian Nukes

Obama appears determined to quell any dissent – whether from Congress, policy experts, or the allied countries most immediately endangered by his inept strategy. His efforts to silence and unseat Netanyahu exacerbate concerns about his intentions., 2/9/2015, 8:00 AM

Obama: Helping Terror Go Nuclear

Obama's weakness and lack of moral clarity encourage terror on every level., 11/20/2014, 9:24 AM

Why Obama Must Save Kobani

Killing a few hundred ISIS fighters in somewhat stepped up airstrikes is not turning the tide at Kobani., 10/19/2014, 8:28 AM

Israel's Disproportionate Decency

Would the US military be as careful as Israel has been to avoid civilian casualties when confronting an enemy trying to kill millions of Americans and destroy the US?, 9/4/2014, 8:38 AM

IS, Hamas, Iran and the West's Naiveté

They must be having a hard time controlling their laughter at Obama's feckless policies., 9/1/2014, 12:17 PM

Hamas’ Love Letter to ISIS (with Ten Tips)

As Prime Minister Netanyahu said, Hamas and ISIS are two sides of the same ideological coin. , 8/21/2014, 12:51 AM

A Thank You Letter to the Media from Hamas

No one has to wonder what side the media will take in the conflict between Israel and Hamas., 7/27/2014, 7:28 PM