Kevin Bermeister

The writer is a real estate entrepreneur, investor, technologist, and philanthropist. He is a major benefactor of numerous charitable organizations and was recently awarded the Yeshiva Center Leadership in Philanthropy Award, among others. He is Chairman and CEO of Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc. and previously developed substantial businesses in the computing, multimedia and Internet industriesm established Ozisoft, one of the first interactive multimedia companies and Australia’s largest video games distributor. Later he established the $70 million interactive Sega World Sydney theme park which was operated through a joint venture that included Sega Enterprises Japan, Mitsubishi Corp. and Mitsui Corp. Kevin also developed various Internet interests including with Joltid Limited to focus on peer to peer network solutions, is board member and has been a founding investor in several successful startups including Skype. More recently he founded Jerusalem 5800 a long term planning think tank and the Jerusalem Development Fund.

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