Barouch Levy

'The Eternal People do not fear a winding road': Amona belongs to G-d

The Messiah's donkey sometimes stumbles over rocks on the long road to Redemption, but he continues on. , 2/2/2017, 11:07 AM

Analysis: The Clinton-Oligarchic Nihilism met Good Ol' USA Trump

Did rural white America come through in the face of Clinton's oligarchic arrogance? , 11/9/2016, 7:00 AM

Email fraud and claims against Pollard

The  Obama-Clinton E-Mail (self) server fraud compares unfavorably with the fraudulent claims against Jonathan Pollard , 7/12/2016, 11:01 AM

Pollard and the US Government: A Polity of Amorality

Jonathan Pollard was rebuffed in the US administration's parole board in an act devoid of mercy or any consideration for acts that likely saved thousands, because the polity of Obama's administration is one of extreme amorality., 11/28/2014, 8:16 AM

Yes to Rabbi Nachman and the Spirit of the Land

The Spirit of the Land of Israel and Rabbi Na Nach Nachma from Uman. , 11/6/2014, 7:14 AM