Steve Apfel

Jewish values have gone haywire

For liberal Jews, caring for the Stranger is everything, caring for the Jew is nothing., 4/9/2017, 6:11 AM

When Jews find common cause with movements that hate Jews

Do the Jews who join anti-Semtic movements know something that the rest of us don't?, 3/16/2017, 7:58 AM

Jew-haters have no problem with dead Jews

Unlikely bedfellows commemorate the Holocaust, rabid Muslim anti-Semites collect money to repair desecrated Jewish cemeteries. And progressive Jews love it., 3/6/2017, 11:00 AM

Refugee divide denudes clever progressives

Why is the clever class dead focused on the symptom with finger on lips as to the cause of the refugee wave?, 2/14/2017, 11:27 AM

The folly of the fury over Trump's refugee order

Did the judge that struck down Trump's ban realize who was and who was not being allowed into the USA? , 2/4/2017, 11:59 PM

The lie that broke Israel’s back

How was it all done? It was done step-by-step with eraser and ink. , 1/10/2017, 12:20 AM

The days of the Dybbuk in the White House

To leave office with a legacy Obama supped with a devil in thin disguise.  A President who puts so many freak events into play has to be under a mischievous spell.  , 11/20/2016, 9:33 PM

Zionist Lobby - Anti-American Bogeyman

The myth of the powerful Jews has transformed into the Israeli bogeyman. Even global warming is laid at its door., 8/30/2015, 5:51 AM

Type B Holocaust Denial is the One to Watch

First they dwarf the Holocaust to a run-of-the mill crime; then they pair Israel and "blameless" Palestinians with Nazis and really blameless Jews. , 6/30/2015, 10:51 PM

Christianity Gone Beserk

Can men of the cloth square the circle of exerting themselves to attack Jews while having no time for Christendom exploding on their doorstep?, 6/9/2015, 3:09 PM

Anti-Zionists Pursue an Old Dream: Hitler’s

The bizarre standards set for Israel, and no other country, are far from naive. They’re clever, frighteningly clever., 4/8/2013, 11:46 PM

The Two State Solution: Israel and ?....

Do we know what would have happened had Israel lost and the Arabs won the 1948 war? What flag would now flutter at the United Nations? , 11/28/2012, 11:02 PM