Richard Mather

The Noahide Laws: A universal code for peace and unity 

And God spoke unto Noah, and to Noah's children with him, saying, ‘And as for Me, behold, I establish My covenant with you, and with your seed after you.’, 9/28/2016, 7:38 AM

Anti-Semitism in modern Britain is nothing new

Have you seen the anti-Semitic cartoon from the 1233 Norwich tax record?, 8/27/2016, 10:42 PM

Europe’s anti-Zionists partly to blame for Bastille Day attack       

Europe’s anti-Zionist leftists have the sown the wind of Islamic extremism by aiding and abetting the worst elements in Palestinian Arab society, and now Europe is reaping the whirlwind., 7/23/2016, 10:35 PM

Israelophobia in the UK

The Labour Party's anti-Zionists are simply racist anti-Semites., 5/13/2016, 6:01 AM

The BBC's militant tendency

There are no terrorists, and if you doubt that, just ask the BBC., 3/31/2016, 12:52 PM

CatC, March 7-10, is an anti-Israel Crusade

Far from turning the other cheek, Christian Palestinianists are committed to a jihad for Jesus, a kind of Chrislamic crusade against Jews and the Jewish state, and the Palestinian Jesus myth is a core component of Palestinian replacement theology., 3/7/2016, 10:33 AM

How many Arab refugees were there in 1948? Maybe 300,000 - or less

The inflated numbers of third generation refugees claimed by Arabs and the UN started with an inflated number in 1948., 1/20/2016, 5:33 AM

For many, salvation is not of the Jews but of the Palestinians

People around the world are calling for Jews to be exiled from Eretz Israel. This new anti-Semitic dogma is being driven by a new quasi-religion called Palestinianism, which has positioned itself as the most contemporary interfaith ideology., 12/26/2015, 5:56 PM

The world revolves around the Palestinians – and it has got to stop

The world should not revolve around the Palestinians – not when they don’t want a state of their own; and not when there are other matters to attend to like Kurdish independence or the freeing of women and children enslaved by Islamic State. And hasn’t enough Jewish blood be spilled over the Palestinian issue?, 11/13/2015, 11:29 AM

Manchester’s Gaza War: One Year On

Events in Manchester symbolize the plight of British Jewry., 7/22/2015, 10:56 AM

Should Jews Reclaim the Words "Palestine" and "Palestinian"?

The postmodern notion of a deep-rooted Arab Palestinian culture is a sham. All the evidence points to the conspicuous absence of Arab culture., 6/14/2015, 7:18 AM

Six Million Reasons to Live

Will the Shoah be remembered? Can it happen again?, 4/15/2015, 5:35 PM

Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism is a Study in Itself

Pears Institute “sees nothing wrong with hosting Israel traducers such as Jacqueline Rose who makes anti-Semitic comparisons between Jews and Nazis.” It also finances Crisis Action., 3/24/2015, 8:52 AM

What is Chrislam?

In recent years, the merger of Christianity and Islam is happening on a wide scale in the West, particularly in the United States where several bridge-building exercises between the two religions have been implemented. It is not good for the Jews., 3/2/2015, 10:38 AM

Anti-Zionism is 'Incitement to Racial Hatred'

Anti-Zionism must be exposed as a particular kind of hatred if it is to be contested., 2/12/2015, 7:32 PM

The Ethnic Cleansing of Jesus

The birth and life of Jesus has been hijacked by the Palestinian movement, which seeks to portray Jesus as a Palestinian. This effort is often referred to as Christian Palestinianism., 12/31/2014, 7:33 AM

Selling the News to the Highest Bidder

Lies are cleverly disguised as truth in order to delegitimize Israel.That's where the money is., 11/22/2014, 5:58 PM

Fighting for Freedom in 2014's UK

There is a new-found confidence inside the Jewish community, particularly in Manchester., 11/2/2014, 6:33 PM

So The Aye's Have It: Another British Betrayal

Britain can no longer be considered neutral in MIddle East peace talks. , 10/14/2014, 5:04 AM

Left-fascism: Post-Marxist War on Jews and Democracy

Left-wing policies and fascism seem contradictory ideologies, but they have a common enemy., 10/4/2014, 8:00 AM

Palestine –It’s Not Worth the Effort

The post-1945 consensus that Jews will never again be made to suffer at the hands of fascists is falling apart., 9/6/2014, 4:40 AM

Broken Britain

Everyone shares the belief that Britain is on the verge of some kind of 1930s-style nightmare., 8/17/2014, 10:44 PM

Intimidation on the Streets of Manchester

But Jews are fighting back., 8/2/2014, 9:00 PM

The Real Danger Facing the Jewish People

The real and present problem facing Jews today is pernicious and life-threatening. , 12/7/2013, 6:20 PM

Christians Must Reject BDS as Unethical

Just look at the Methodist Church website to understand the motivation for this article., 11/8/2013, 3:59 PM

Why Europe Needs Israel

The boycott is detrimental - to Europe., 11/1/2013, 12:55 PM

Celebrating Bob Dylan’s Zionist anthem

It is almost exactly 30 years since the legendary and prolific American songwriter released his pro-Israel song "Neighborhood Bully." , 10/22/2013, 2:43 PM

Election Challenge: Germany’s Moral Imperative

Germany has distanced itself from Israel. The reelection of Merkel poses a chance and a challenge. An analysis of the situation., 9/23/2013, 1:47 AM

Yom Kippur's Significance to Noahides

All non-Jews are expected to keep the seven commandments given to the sons of Noah, the survivors of the Flood. The world would be a much better place if more of its citizens decided to be Noahides, like the writer., 9/10/2013, 7:30 PM

Playing Politics with Water

Palestinian Arab boycotting efforts try to trump ecological interests and Arab employment., 8/26/2013, 4:23 PM

European Imperialism Poses as European Unity

Where does the EU get the nerve to make demands on Israel after decimating the Jewish people not so long ago?, 8/23/2013, 2:03 PM

Greenbelt Festival: Christian (and one Jew's) Betrayal

Christians who attend this festival in the third week of August will be bombarded with anti-Israel messages, 8/11/2013, 9:17 AM

France's Loss is Israel's Gain

Muslim anti-Semites long for the day when “Palestine” (i.e. Eretz Israel) is Judenrein. But their hatred of Jews is having the opposite effect as more and more European Jews are going to Israel. This makes for a delicious irony., 8/4/2013, 5:38 PM

Catherine Ashton – Symbol of European Folly

Ashton is an unelected, inexperienced official who has no understanding of the Arab-Israel conflict., 7/27/2013, 10:40 PM

Noahides, Climate Change and the Redemption

B’nai Noach believe that by following the Noahide laws, they are involved in the refinement of ourselves and our surroundings. Nonetheless, the Noahide code is not an end in itself ., 7/21/2013, 1:45 AM

Europe's Obsession with the Palestinians

Rationality and facts have no bearing on the issue., 6/30/2013, 6:52 AM

Archbishop Welby: a Friend of Israel?

The archbishop actually has Jewish roots. He is coming to Israel on Sunday. Will he turn the tide against the Jew-bashers in the Anglican Church?, 6/23/2013, 9:36 PM

The EU and Hizbullah, Politics of Procrastination

Hizbullah is primarily a terrorist organization with political pretensions. So why the hesitation? Stop them now., 6/9/2013, 12:12 PM

UK's Academic Left Will Urge BDS at Annual Congress

At its annual congress at the end of May, the University and College Union (UCU) in the UK will urge its 120,000 members to sever academic associations with Israeli institutions, according to reports in the British media. , 5/28/2013, 1:02 PM

On the London Beheading: The Ideology of the Sword

Beheadings may be the model of terrorist, Islamofascist activity in the years to come. with no political agenda other than inspiring a sense of dread. , 5/26/2013, 7:35 AM

Noahides and the Celebration of Passover

Noahides symbolize G-d's love for humanity, in setting laws for all mankind to follow. On Passover, not being obligated to keep Jewish commandments, a Noahide has the unique opportunity to see the spiritual side of freedom, as this writer tells us., 3/31/2013, 10:36 AM

Ed Miliband Learns to (almost) Love Israel

He won't call himself a Zionist, but announced that he supports Israe.l, 3/10/2013, 11:01 PM

George Galloway’s Lack of Respect for Israeli Jews

Galloway seems to have lost both his nerve and his manners when he walked out of a debate as an Israeli got up to speak. Overt racism and anti-Semitism, but also "not the thing". , 2/22/2013, 1:46 PM

There's Nothing Liberal About Offending Jews

It is increasingly obvious that the Liberal Democrats in the UK have to do something radical to stop the repugnant anti-Semitic remarks coming from their party., 2/17/2013, 11:31 PM

Football and Fascism in Contemporary Europe

A triangulation of hatred in which the Left, the Right and Islam are focusing their hatred against the Jewish people is the stuff of nightmares. It is happening on the football field., 1/9/2013, 1:17 PM

When Will UK Universities Wise Up to Anti-Semitism?

As a Brit, I am ashamed of what is happening in my country., 1/2/2013, 11:19 PM

Season of Good Will - But Not Towards Israel

Christian Palestinianism is “an inverted mirror image of Christian Zionism,” an historical and moral travesty which is entirely self-defeating for Christians., 12/22/2012, 8:08 PM

Israel, Anti-Semitism and the British elite

Fascism (and Palestinianism is a variant of fascism) has a hypnotic effect on people who should know better and silences those who would otherwise speak out. , 12/9/2012, 12:30 AM

Report: The Israeli in the UK Who Harms Israel

Today’s verbal bombast is tomorrow’s nuclear missile aimed at Tel Aviv. , 12/4/2012, 9:34 PM

BBC True to Form in Reports on Pillar of Defense

The BBC is under fire for its shoddy journalism in other spheres, but that has not prevented its giving Hamas spokesmen plenty of air time and broadcasting Pallywood., 11/17/2012, 6:33 PM

How We Protested the Co-operative Boycott - A Primer

This is a report of a disturbing trend that can be responsive to negative public opinion, but you have to get out there! Write, protest, talk. Don't let the boycotts go by you., 11/12/2012, 8:06 AM

Christian Europe Adopts Fascism - the Arab Kind

Christian leaders could have stopped Hitler’s rise to power and his policies towards the Jews, but they didn’t because many agreed with fascist ideology. It is happening again., 11/1/2012, 4:40 PM

The Palestinianization of European Political Discourse

The fact that for the first time since the Nazis ruled Europe, Jews are being boycotted and sanctioned on a massive scale, is testament to the perverse success of the Palestinianization of Europe. , 10/29/2012, 12:46 PM

A Noahide Explains Walking with Noah

The Torah portion, Noah, (Genesis 6:9-11:32), read this past Shabbat, is an important reminder that any individual, Jew or gentile, has a place in this world and in the world to come. , 10/24/2012, 5:30 PM

EU: Don't Let People's Health Be a Palestinian Issue

Will the EU give in to Arab pressure in the current European economic situation, and deny its citizens less expensive, life saving medicines - because they come from Israel?, 10/22/2012, 10:06 AM

A Brit's View: Goodby Europe, Hello Israel?

I am of the firm belief that Israelophobia is a symptom of the resurgent anti-Semitism, not the cause. Anti-Israel sentiment is so irrational, so hyperbolic and so spiteful, that political explanations do not suffice. , 10/3/2012, 5:40 PM

Europe's Jews: A Brit's View on UK Palestinianism

As things stand, the political will to protect Jewish students from the effects of Muslim obsessional and reactionary ideology does not exist., 9/27/2012, 1:29 PM