Arno Weinstein

Surprise, the Cease-Fire is Over

Enough with the nonsensical hyperbole. There never was a ceasefire between the various terrorist gangs and the State of Israel. Should one want to maintain the charade that there had been a ceasefire, that?s right -- the emperor has no clothes -- it is no more. , 8/20/2003, 8:59 PM

A Fence of No Defense

The debate over the security fence currently under construction by the Israeli government is fundamentally flawed. Rhetoric is flying from those who endorse the building of the fence and those who oppose its construction. However, both sides ignore a solution that is far more practical and more in line with the Bush Doctrine. , 8/17/2003, 4:23 PM

Old Habits Die Hard

The Likud Party, headed by Ariel Sharon, now governs the Jewish State with a narrow majority made up of Israel?s religious, nationalist and conservative parties. The White House apparently desires the inclusion of the far Left-wing Labor Party in the government to ensure that the ?Road Map? does not run into problems. , 8/4/2003, 11:37 PM