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Arlene Peck

Giving Away the Candy Store

As for Ehud Olmert's latest plan to open the zoo cages and release tigers and other predators, I confess I am at a loss for an explanation., 12/7/2006, 11:46 AM

The Honored Honoree

There were so many speakers, and each with profound thoughts, that I do not want to dwell on any one topic. The problems are immense. The question that we have to answer is: How do we handle it? , 11/28/2006, 3:41 PM

Where is the Leadership?

When it comes to the decisions Israel makes, in retrospect, I think that the last time I trusted the powers-that-be there was when Yitzchak Shamir was running the country., 9/10/2006, 4:54 PM

The Movie Spielberg Should Have Made

There is no ?other side,? or any such thing as disproportionate response, when it comes to killing the ?bad guys.?, 8/30/2006, 11:34 PM

Time to Think About Annex and Transfer

I'd rather not be able to say, "I told you so." Yet, it's difficult not to gloat when I see how the rest of the world is reluctantly beginning to realize that something must be done soon about the evil and crazy culture that is attempting to thrust itself upon the rest of us., 8/16/2006, 11:33 PM

Israel's War: Judged by the Hour

How are we to believe a man whose photograph is proliferating across the Internet showing him thanking Hassan Nasrallah, who is the head of Hizbullah, for maintaining law and order in the south of Lebanon in the year 2000?, 7/24/2006, 11:03 PM

Maybe it is Just a Case of Denial

I am angry with fellow Jews who are clueless; Jews who haven't given a single thought to the fact that so many of their own, in Israel and here in America, need their charity. They want to tend everybody's garden except their own., 6/11/2006, 10:30 PM

The Marriage is Nearly Over

For more years than I care to count, I have written columns and given talks to groups and on my television show promoting Israel and trying to warn about the dangers that I hoped were obvious to everyone., 5/28/2006, 10:45 PM

Transfer the Arabs, Not the Jews

The philosophy of the new government is that it would be dangerous for the people who were living in the settlements. Okay, I'll go along with that. Therefore, the present government is all for paring down to make secure borders. Their attitude is: "Take the best and leave the rest.? Except, they mean cutting out the <i>Jewish</I> settlements., 4/17/2006, 11:47 PM

If You're Smart, You'll Thank Me

Now the entire free world is endangered by the wishful thinking that created the Oslo process and all of the worthless agreements signed since., 3/14/2006, 11:23 AM

Missing the Opportunity

How do they go about rectifying all those years of corruption Yasser Arafat and company blessed them with? Why, they vote in a known and violent terrorist organization, a group of people who, from their inception, embraced hatred, death and destruction as their only way of life. , 2/6/2006, 10:28 PM

Reading, Writing and Jihad

Witness what they are being taught in Arab schools: hate-filled garbage, delivered unfiltered and specifically designed to warp the minds of children. We grew up going to summer camp. Other people send their kids to camp also, to terrorist camps, where they learn how to grow up and blow up., 1/17/2006, 10:48 PM

Reach for the Purple Pill

I have been living in California long enough to know that this is a section of the country that can feel passionate about Botox and animals. However, when it comes to anything political, especially when it concerns Israel, they could not find it on the map., 12/26/2005, 11:21 PM

Neither to the Left, Nor to the Right

I am disgusted with all politicians. Even more so with the press. I am embarrassed to say that I am one of them. Does everybody lie? , 11/14/2005, 10:03 PM

Hollywood Can't Even Spell "Israel"

Never, but <I>never</I>, would I have believed that the land of milk and honey could not even buy milk for its own children. This, in a society which supposedly honors its children above all else., 10/23/2005, 8:22 PM

It is Never Going to Be Enough!

The bottom line is that all the press statements from Arab leaders and much of the world press are constantly declaring, ?This is not Enough? and it is only the beginning. It's never going to be enough, until they have the entire country of Israel under Muslim control., 9/27/2005, 5:34 PM

What's Done is Done

Surely the Arabs, who, thanks to Sharon's largesse, have inherited lovely Israeli seaside resorts, can make their new "state" the same kind of place tourists would want to come and vacation. Maybe a Hyatt or two? Could be? Might be? Wanna' know what I think?, 9/14/2005, 7:47 PM

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

The citizens of the Jewish State over the past few years are a people who, wanting peace so badly, overlook crucial issues that can often come back and bite them in the tush., 8/23/2005, 10:10 PM

With Friends Like Bush....

Ms. Rice and our State Department want Sharon to leave Gaza, but to make sure before vacating that he leaves enough bullets behind, so the poor defenseless Palestinians can defend themselves from their Arab brothers. Really. What dream is she in, anyway?, 8/15/2005, 9:17 PM

Do You Feel Safer?

Now that the ?war on terrorism? is about to go into its fourth year, do you feel safer? I didn?t think so. , 7/26/2005, 9:40 PM

Barbaric? You Betcha!

When it comes to Israel, I wonder about a lot of things. Like, for instance, why is Ariel Sharon taking orders to open the jails and let thousands of these caged wild animals loose on the Israeli population every time he is told to? , 7/5/2005, 10:37 PM

It's Them vs. Us Everywhere

We are so confused and politically correct that we sound like something out of a George Orwell novel. Nowadays, the new mantras are 'Love is Hate' and 'Peace is War'. Here, in Los Angeles, we are so spoiled and lazy that we consider not being able to cook out on a cloudy day or having to put the top down on the convertible a sacrifice., 6/19/2005, 6:38 PM

Insurgents? Militants? Hell No, They?re Terrorists!

Most of the Muslims reaching the U.S. refuse to learn our language and take over our neighborhoods with their codes of dress and education. Then, they pressure the residents to leave by razing the churches and putting mosques in their places... Now, everyone can be serenaded five times a day with loudspeakers calling them to prayer, 5/18/2005, 9:15 AM

I Found the Answer! It's Apathy

When I speak of the "new Palestinian State" that the world is pushing for in Gaza and ask how many of them even know how big this fictional country is going to be, usually all I receive are blank stares. , 5/2/2005, 11:18 PM

America is Feeling the Pain

For years, I used to write, "What would it take for us to feel empathy for the regular bombings of Israeli citizens?" I knew then and I've been proven right that it was going to be necessary for we, in America, to experience the hell these savage creatures had thrust upon the world, and especially Israel., 3/23/2005, 11:55 PM

Do Not Believe Any of It

Schools in Los Angeles are closing because they cannot afford even the toilet paper to keep them in business; but, hey, what is another $4.5 billion dollars to help these deprived people in Gaza?, 3/16/2005, 5:44 PM

Who Says Israel Has Democracy?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was a young journalist visiting in Israel. Just to give you an idea of how long ago, I was a blonde then and the Defense Minister, Arik Sharon, was just a "little stout"., 3/6/2005, 7:43 PM

Could They Be Tested for Dementia?

The way it's looking from here, it seems that after the last massive release of terrorists it would be safer for the people in Israel to just lock themselves up in those same prisons. , 2/21/2005, 9:46 PM

People are Really, Really Nice

I am going change my attitude and adopt a kinder, gentler one. I have concluded that it will cause less stress and hostility to view the world in the same way as the benevolent media and all those good kind people who really, really do not like being politically incorrect., 2/13/2005, 10:58 PM

Sticks, Stones and Words

I usually don't fill my articles with quotes. However, it is just such a slam-dunk to throw their words back at them., 1/13/2005, 8:12 PM

Time to Get the Hook

Silly American me. I actually thought at one time that if a party such as Labor were roundly defeated by the electorate, then that's it. However, that's not how it works in Israel., 1/2/2005, 10:12 PM

Fear, They Understand

I used to think that everyone was just so bleeding-heart liberal that they would not accept the fact that we are in a World War. Now, I'm beginning to realize that much of the world is made up of "nice people". Unfortunately, nice people just cannot understand the reality of true evil. We have never experienced it. , 12/21/2004, 8:05 PM

Holland: Disaster in Waiting

This is what I heard from the nice Dutch woman at my gym when I confronted her with the latest events from her city: "Oh, it is terrible, just terrible. Most of my family is moving, as they don't like what they are seeing. And it has gotten very dangerous." , 12/13/2004, 8:02 PM

Post-Arafat: Now What?

The international press cannot be trusted. It is bad enough that there is an innate hatred for the Jews and Israel among a great many of the foreign press outlets, but "they are not reporting the truth because it's not 'in' to report the facts," Abu Toameh said. , 12/5/2004, 4:37 PM

Like Banging My Head Against the Wall

You know, folks, sometimes I feel that I am banging my head against the wall. I want to think that the world is not so stupid as to just not 'get it'., 11/23/2004, 11:38 PM

A Guerrilla and Statesman? I Want To Gag!

The grieving widow is rumored to receive an annual income amounting to twenty-two million dollars. And that, dear reader, is in addition to the $60 million that recently made it to her Paris checking account., 11/16/2004, 9:18 PM

When Do the Saudis Get the Blame?

How could they be 'Christians' and not support Israel? It just did not go together. I was told they want to assert their voice that the radical anti-Israel Arab organizations do not speak for most Middle Eastern-Americans. Yet, when push came to shove, would they speak out as Arab Christians in support of Israel? , 11/8/2004, 6:23 PM

Ten Minutes After Taking Office

For one man to decide to turn over a chunk of his country to a foreign power would be the same as George Bush one day waking up and deciding to turn over the State of Texas to his good friend President Fox of Mexico because, he believed, it historically belonged to them and was the 'right' thing to do. , 11/1/2004, 8:20 PM

Vote for Nader? Naw...

There there are Jewish readers who send me hate mail. They feel that I have turned into some sort of enemy of the Jewish State, because I just don't get it about the rationale of Bush and company being the 'best friend' of Israel., 10/24/2004, 6:00 PM

Give Them the Death They Revere

The Arabs are bombing, murdering, mutilating, raping and wreaking havoc all over the Judeo/Christian world. Israel has nothing to do with it - nothing! , 9/6/2004, 11:59 PM

Folks, I Have a Dilemma

Like too many of my countrymen, I am getting overloaded. And it has gotten to the point that I am so disgusted with the elections and the lack of choices that we have, that I don't know who will be the least horrible of choices., 8/30/2004, 10:12 PM

When in Doubt, Blame the Jews

Hey, if the European Union and United Nations can sit calmly by and watch hundreds of thousands of Sudanese murdered and a million displaced from their homeland, do you think that they are going to come to the aid of the Jews? This is the group that is still aggravated that the Jews survived the Holocaust., 8/19/2004, 11:52 PM

Enough of the Inner City!

I surprised myself yesterday. I received a call from the Jewish Federation solicitation for my yearly donation. In the words of Theresa Kerry, I almost told them to 'shove it'. Frankly, my reaction shocked me. I used to be one of those people who sat at the phones and made those calls to people like me., 8/4/2004, 7:40 PM

One Less Terrorist

Several months ago, I 'discovered' Walid Shoebat. I was called and asked would I be interested in having a former PLO terrorist on my television show as a guest. When I was told that he was now a big supporter of Israel and Jews, I became intrigued and said, "Sure, why not?" , 7/29/2004, 10:08 PM

I Apologize to the Animals

Speaking of terrorism, the question I have in the coming election is who would be better for Israel and the US war against terror? Because if I were to support Bush, it would only be for that reason. He has been terrible for the economy. Jobs are disappearing to India. I'm pro-choice, all for stem cell research and against almost every other cause that he supports - starting with Halliburton., 7/4/2004, 7:05 PM

Return Me to an Island

I have recently returned from a speaking tour to Portland, Maine. While there, I had a chance to spend a few days visiting cousins on a little island that is only accessible by ferryboat. The people on Peaks Island were totally different from those here on the West Coast. The children look like children instead of baby bimbette Britney Spears clones. Their world was innocent. , 6/24/2004, 11:12 PM

Airing Our Dirty Laundry

I'm writing columns about how there are children in Israel going hungry and the economy is in difficult times, and the powers that be want to pick up the tab for the buildings that were demolished in Rafah? , 6/7/2004, 10:53 PM

Never Thought I'd See the Day

Being out here in Tinsel Town, we sometimes become a bit jaded about what is really happening in the rest of the world. The Hollywood crowd is so insulated that most of them don't even know that there is a war going on and wouldn't know where to find Israel on the map., 5/30/2004, 5:04 PM

The Pendulum Swung

There was a time, actually, not so very long ago, that I would have made a bet that Israel had the worst public relations in the world. Aw, but that was before I realized that we, in the United States , also had a tiger by the tail, the same as Israel., 5/11/2004, 7:44 PM

No Excuse This Time Around

I doubted the conference until later that evening, when I had dinner with a <I>Jewish</I> man from California who told me, "They ought to give Israel back to the Palestinians, to whom it belongs." , 4/4/2004, 12:52 PM

They Kill Only Jews

Someone sent me a joke in the e-mail today, in which Osama Bin-Laden calls Yasser Arafat and says, "Listen, Yassi, there is something that I don't understand. We are both terrorists, we both killed thousands of innocent people, but all the world is hunting only me, and at the same time you are the honorable Nobel-Prize for Peace Winner! What is your secret?" , 3/31/2004, 7:32 PM

Stuck Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Have you noticed the pictures of those raving masses shouting "jihad" in the evening news? Those are not faces of rational people. You cannot sit down and reason with a seventh century mentality. These people live to die. Their cult is one of martyrdom., 3/17/2004, 6:03 PM

Where is Irv Rubin When You Need Him?

Anti-Semitism, is running rampant at our schools and nobody is there to combat them. "Anti-Zionist" Film festivals are becoming the norm at our universities and the students are being taught regularly about the "siege and occupation" of Israel by the Jews. What is being done to combat it? In the old days, my friend Irv Rubin would have traveled there just as he did to Idaho to confront the Nazis. , 3/15/2004, 4:55 PM

Striving to Be Politically Incorrect

To all of you who've written in to tell me how politically incorrect I am, let me take this opportunity to thank you., 3/10/2004, 8:20 PM

One Woman's Advice

It's not "fair" that a gaggle of anti-Semites from all those wonderful bastions of democracy around the globe such as Cuba, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, the Organization of Islamic States, the League of Arab states etc. meet in a world court in The Hague. Gawd. Who cares?, 3/1/2004, 5:36 PM

Walid Shoebat: From Terrorist to Zionist

L-rd, honestly. I truly believe that with some of our friends, we don't need enemies. And, if the truth be told, we, as Jews are often our worst adversaries. What makes those self-haters the way they are? Did their mothers not breast feed them? Did they never have a date for the prom? , 2/16/2004, 5:48 PM