Condi's Parting Shot

Time for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Marc Prowisor,

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Arutz 7

Condoleezza Rice has said, “Frankly, it’s time for the establishment of a Palestinian state.” Absolutely, the timing is right. With Islamic terror spreading, the growth of extreme Islamic factions, Islamic terror sleeper cells being
Gaza is simply not big enough.
created in the US, it is definitely the time for the establishment of a “Palestinian” state. While US forces make it difficult for Islamic terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will need a new headquarters. Gaza is simply not big enough.

Having a stable democracy in the Middle East is longer “in”. With Europe being taken over by Muslim extremists, it just isn’t in fashion. How can you have a Ramadan party in the Pentagon if there is no “Palestinian” state?

Yes, it is time for the establishment of a “Palestinian” state; prepare it for a Hamas takeover and throw the Middle East into another horrific war. However, this time, beware, this will spread terrorism to the US and the rest of the free world. We simply have to look at Gaza as a prime example of a peace-loving “Palestinian” state.

While Condi and her teams continue to reward terror with prizes, the terrorists' strength grows. With every visit of hers to the region, she increases her presence in the Palestinian strongholds, sending the simple message of just how she actually supports the PLO factions in their quest against Israel while ignoring the continuing growth of a more defined terror infrastructure. Most responsible officials of governments would make an effort to see the whole picture. I don’t recall Ms. Rice making a fact-finding mission to the various Jewish communities throughout Judea and Samaria without the escort of officials who oppose our existence.

We welcome her and her successor to come meet the people here. Come, see for yourselves if we are the monsters you are led to believe; do the intelligent thing and learn for yourselves. You and your successor are charged with bringing the most accurate picture possible to the executive branch of the United States government. Do so. You will be pleasantly surprised to find people that you probably share much with. It seems now, however, that the State Department is doing its best wearing blinders and ignoring not just our reality here, but the reality of the entire region.

The theme of the last US elections was “change”, which is yet to be seen. In the meantime, the present US government seems to be acting with urgency to achieve the same goals of the diminishing Left in Israel, the cessation of Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria. It is increasing financial grants to the Palestinian Authority, stepping up military training programs and, let's not forget, pressuring Israel to put an end to the “outpost” problem. The current reality in US politics pressures the Jewish community there; if you are for a Jewish presence in the Jewish heartland you are against the government, unpatriotic and against “change”. There is need for a peaceful solution in Israel, but it is not to be found in Washington DC.

How easy is it to forget the media footage of the cheers of the US-loving “Palestinians” from all factions in the wake of 9/11, the throngs of “Palestinians” making their way to Iraq to fight and train the insurgents against US soldiers. One simply needs to look at the educational system within the “Palestinian Authority” to understand that peace with Israel and the US is not one of their goals.

The picture is a bit confusing. Both leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority
The present US government seems to be acting with urgency to achieve the same goals of the diminishing Left in Israel.
do not have the support of their respective nations, yet they are the ones negotiating. The US State Department, supposedly looking for peaceful solutions, is actually facilitating confrontations on both sides, effectively ripping apart the peoples they claim the are helping. Of course, they are doing this while ignoring the history of the Middle East.

The Palestinians have proven themselves to excel in marketing and have succeeded in convincing the world that they are a peace-loving people, not connected to terrorism. Their lack of curbing terrorism and continued support of it in their society and media should hint at their true intentions. This, however, hasn’t been shown to American society. I have to wonder how the world forgot who started the wars in the Middle East. The Arabs living in the West Bank were Jordanians; they were Palestinians (along with the Jews) before 1948. Who is the “Palestinian people"? For that matter, what is Palestine?

The US has benefited from Israel’s friendship, as Israel has benefited from the US. We both share common values, whatever happened to convince the US leadership otherwise. Maybe oil is thicker than blood, but oil won’t last forever. The Arab world is working overtime in order to influence US leadership. Of course, there are plenty of Jews behind this plan as well, having had their outlook distorted by a successful marketing campaign and their lack of identity.

I understand why the US has changed its stance; they have been convinced that they are too weak to fight the threat of terrorism on their shores. It seems that the US State Department has lost its faith in the American people; they have lost faith in American values and have become frightened. The same merits, strength and faith still exist. They might need to be reawakened, but they are there. Still, one has to think: Where is the American voice today? Don’t let Allahu Akbar replace “G-d Bless America”. We of the strong Israel will still stand by you.

Please, Condi, wake up and smell the hummus!