Who Are You Calling 'Quisling'?

How to use the name of the Norwegian traitor.

Erez Uriely,

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In April 2002, Mr. Zalman Shoval, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, justifiably responded to Norwegian diplomatic attacks on Israel's Jews by stating that "the country that brought us Quisling should not teach Israel what to do." Following his
Quisling never gave parts of Oslo to the Germans.
comment, some others also used the term "Quisling," but occasionally not in the correct context. After all, Israeli leaders are unworthy to use the name of the traitor and Jew-hater Quisling to criticize the Norwegians, for the following reasons.

Vidkun Quisling never gave Germany even one single square millimeter of Norwegian land, including lands in Lapland that historically were owned by the Sami (Laps) inhabitants of Norway. Although Oslo is not holy for the Norwegians, and although the Germans did not intend to Germanize it, Quisling never gave parts of Oslo to the Germans.

Quisling neither recognized nor negotiated with any entity that supported the destruction of Norway, and he didn't even consider giving away parts of his homeland and areas that were strategically essential for Norway's defense. Quisling did not choose to bring the enemies to his country; the Nazis were anyhow on their way to Norway.

Quisling was not involved in corruption and abuse of public money. Neither Quisling nor his family and friends were involved in organized crime.

Quisling completed his military education with citations for excellence; he was an officer and strengthened the Norwegian army. Neither he nor his family members refused military service.

Quisling never performed ethnic cleansing of his people in any part of Norway; and he never sent his forces to perform actions resembling pogroms against his own people. Quisling never destroyed houses legally built by Norwegians simply because of his politics, and he never prevented civilians from living in houses they legally purchased.

The British media, and later the Norwegians, correctly turned "Quisling" into a label for a traitor, since he supported an enemy that decided to conquer Norway and abolish its sovereignty, while impeding the freedom and life of its people and even killing Norwegians. Israelis should be the last to forget this point, since Quisling did not collaborate with an enemy established expressly for the destruction of his state (as is the PLO or its political instrument, the Palestinian Authority, in the case of Israel).

Quisling was a Jew-hater. He supported his allies, who implemented the Nazi ideology in
Israelis still have a lot to learn from the Norwegian people.
the extermination of the Jews, who from his point of view were a different people and race. Nevertheless, he never supported an enemy that planned to destroy his own people. Disgraceful as he was, even Quisling didn't go so far.

After the war, a court of law justifiably had Quisling executed, together with 30 other traitors, for their serious crimes. 17,000 Norwegians were jailed for collaboration with the enemy and many others were sentenced for treason. Quisling was brought to trial, of course, only after Germany's fall and after the control of the state was taken back by Norwegians loyal to their country.

Israelis still have a lot to learn from the Norwegian people, including love of one's land and how to defend it.