Is There a Bottom?

Much of Israel is still in denial.

Dr. Steve Carol,

Arutz 7
As the Olmert government continues its obsession to basically ignore continued Arab rocket attacks on Israeli towns and citizens, to surrender additional territory, including Jerusalem, and to do the work of previous Arab and Muslim conquerors and uproot Jews from the Land of Israel, even before the Arabs achieve victory, news continues to flow in
Why let a little history get in the way of a leftist agenda?
that raises the question again and again, "Is there a bottom to the pit of depravity to which the current Israeli government will sink?"

In late-breaking news, the Israeli government has now allowed Arab propaganda to be broadcast from the Temple Mount. This, while it bans Jewish opposition radio (Arutz Sheva) from broadcasting from Israel.
In 1988, Arutz Sheva began broadcasting from the ship MV Hatzvi, off Israel's coast in international waters. The Israeli government, tolerating no opposing viewpoints to its version of the news, closed down Arutz Sheva's broadcasting ship in 1998 to prevent an alternative Jewish radio news source. It is the double-standard at work. Thus, while Israeli Jews are not able to listen to opposing Jewish viewpoints, the Israeli government aids and abets the Arabs in disseminating Arab propaganda to both Palestinian and Israeli Arabs, from the heart of Jerusalem.

To add insult to injury, a member of the Israeli Knesset, Yossi Beilin, chairman of the leftist Meretz party and the architect of the Oslo process, now publicly regrets that the Zionist Jews did not accept Uganda, rather than the Land of Israel, in which to re-establish the Jewish state. Beilin, who violated Israeli law and, in effect, committed treason by negotiating with a known terrorist organization, the PLO, says that his grandfather, a prominent early Zionist leader, made the mistake in not accepting the British offer of Uganda.

If we cannot achieve peace with the Palestinians, Beilin has repeated many times, then there is no future for the state of Israel. He assumes that peace is in Israel's hands to make, and writes as if the attainment of peace, not the re-establishment of a state for the Jews, was the primary goal of Zionism.

MK Bellin, like his mentor Shimon Peres, sees no value in history, overlooking the record that the "Uganda Plan" proposed in 1903 was in fact for land located on the Mau Plateau in what is today Kenya. This region historically came to be known as the "White Highlands." It was precisely there that the Mau Mau Uprising of independence-seeking Africans took place 1952-1960, resulting in the expulsion of the British from Kenya. But
The Israeli government aids and abets the Arabs in disseminating Arab propaganda.
why let a little history get in the way of a leftist agenda?

But wait, there is more. Just when you thought you have heard it all, as the Israeli government pursues its national self-destruction course, comes the piece d'resistance.

The Israeli Sociological Society has announced its 2007 award for excellence, bestowing it upon Tal Nitzan, a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at Hebrew University. She received this award for her Master's thesis. The thesis has been published as a bound booklet by the Shine Center for Social Studies of Hebrew University.

And what, you may ask, is this thesis about? It stipulates that the Israel Defense Forces (the IDF) is racist because its soldiers do not rape Arab women. It concludes that the IDF has so dehumanized the Palestinian Arabs that they are not seen as fit to rape. Further, it postulates that the IDF does not rape Arab women out of the "patriotic duty" to prevent an Arab population increase.

Aside from not supporting the long-standing Arab propaganda that the IDF engages in rape of Arab women, as part of the incitement of the Arab masses against the Jews, the real message conveyed is that no matter what they do, Jews are immoral. 'Jews cannot be moral, therefore they must be racist.'

Is there no limit to the perversion being advocated? One should note that the news story included one public reaction calling for the reporter to be fired from his job for relaying this story. A classic case of "shoot the messenger." Much of Israel is still in denial - and we are not speaking of the river in Egypt.

That line of thought is the product of the Israeli socialist-oriented, leftist bent, government educational system that has now inculcated at least two generations of Israeli youth.
Americans should take note.
Americans should take note, as this same type of anti-nationalist, anti-patriotism, "America is to blame for all the world's ills" mentality is being taught to our young students in many universities across the United States today. Such universities should not be supported.

What can be done in this case? American supporters of Hebrew University should protest by e-mail, fax, letter and phone call. If this is what Hebrew University encourages, then they should withhold donations until such "aiding the enemy"-type material ceases to be published.

To reply to my own question at the start of this article, "No, there is no bottom!"

© Dr. Steve Carol