<I>Re'eh</I>: Staying Grounded

The very foundation of our existence.

Aloh Naaleh,

Arutz 7
The Sifri recounts how rabbis of Israel who returned to the Land after visiting the Diaspora declared, "Living in Israel is equal to fulfilling all the mitzvot in the Torah."

But how can you compare all the mitzvot to living in the Land?

When astronauts in space lose sight of the Earth, they sometimes become agitated,
Any mitzvah that we do outside the Land is incomplete.
craning their necks to catch a glimpse of our world. As they travel through the void they feel a terrible loneliness, because they are not grounded on mother Earth.

That is the feeling we are meant to have whenever we leave Eretz Yisrael: a sense of always looking over our shoulder as though we had left the very foundation of our existence. Any mitzvah that we do outside the Land is incomplete, because we can't focus completely on doing the mitzvah unless we do it in Eretz Yisrael.

For us, living in the Land of Israel gives us the peace of mind to accomplish all the mitzvot of the Torah with a sense of quietude and fulfillment. The mitzvot and the Land are intertwined and, ultimately, indistinguishable, so that, ultimately, the Jewish people, the Land and the Torah become one.
Yaacov Peterseil is Director of Simcha Publishing Company in Israel. He made aliyah with his family 21 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since.

The foregoing commentary was distributed by the Aloh Naaleh organization.