Shavuot: A Holiday of Opportunity

Seize the opportunities God provides.

Aloh Naaleh,

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Arutz 7
Shavuot is a chag (holiday) of opportunity - the opportunity to accept the Torah and ol malchut shamayim afresh, or to spend it eating cheesecake and gossiping with friends.

The megillah we read on Shavuot also reflects the idea of opportunity. Megillat Ruth reveals to the reader what happens to those who take advantage of the opportunities presented by HaShem and those who pass them up.

The first person to miss an opportunity is Elimech. As the gadol hador, with much wealth, he could have helped the people of his town, but instead he chose to run from this opportunity. He ends up dead and buried in a foreign land with his children intermarried to the local women. Naomi hears that "HaShem has remembered His people" and she chooses to return.

One daughter-in-law is perceptive enough to see the opportunity, goes with her and becomes the grandmother of Mashiach. The other turns her back and becomes the grandmother of the evil giant, Goliath.

Upon returning to Beit Lechem the closest relative is given an opportunity to marry and redeem Ruth, but is afraid and therefore becomes literally an anonymous personality, basically a "nobody." Boaz, who himself doesn't rise to the occasion initially, eventually does use the opportunity presented to him and redeems Ruth. He becomes the forefather of Mashiach.

Our generation has also been granted a unique opportunity. We are the first group of people in many centuries afforded the chance to leave the foreign land where we live, take advantage of modern transportation, and live in the flourishing Holy Land, which has been rebuilt from the ashes of destruction. Let HaShem grant us the vision to seize this moment and take advantage of the wonderful opportunity HaShem has given us.
Chana Tannenbaum writes from Nof Ayalon.

The foregoing commentary was distributed by the Aloh Naaleh organization.