The Norwegian War Against the Jews

Key political figures in the Foreign Ministry, the Labour Party and the Centre Party have formerly attacked Israel verbally and proposed a boycott, as well as other measures, against it.

Erez Uriely,

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Adapted from an Open Letter to the Norwegian foreign minister.

Dear Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere, Shalom,

The Norwegian Israel Centre Against Anti-Semitism (NIS) would like to thank you for your clarifying statements concerning the encouragement by Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen of a boycott of trade with the Jews of Israel. You clearly disassociated yourself from this initiative and declared such attitude towards Israel to be at variance with the policy of your government. We also thank you for your clear statement that Israel, too, has a right to live in peace within defensible borders.

However, in your letter to Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom (May 1, 2006) you write, "The Labour Party and the Centre Party are firmly opposed to any kind of boycott of Israel."

Whilst this statement is welcome, it ignores an important aspect of the problem. Key political figures in the Foreign Ministry, the Labour Party and the Centre Party have formerly attacked Israel verbally and proposed a boycott, as well as other measures, against it. This has contributed to the creation of a hostile atmosphere that resulted in the present boycott campaign against Israel, in which the Socialist Left Party participates, and in the spreading of anti-Jewish sentiments in Norway.

It does not contribute to a credible Norwegian policy, as an impartial mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict, when central politicians first mobilise against Israel and shortly afterwards, when in the government, deny responsibility for the consequences of their own words and actions.

It is praiseworthy that the minister of foreign affairs will clarify the government's policy on this issue, but it requires a deeper cleaning operation within the political circles that the governing parties represent. The problem is not limited to the Socialist Left.

State Secretary Raymond Johansen of the Foreign Ministry, in his earlier tenure in the ministry, expressed his understanding for the Arab war against the Jews and declared that Norway recognises an Arab right to attack Jewish soldiers (Dagsavisen of the 23rd of June, 2003).
Dagsavisen: So the Palestinians are in their full rights when they throw stones and shoot against the Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and Gaza, but not when they attack the Jewish settlers?

Johansen: It could be an interpretation of this, when we speak of legitimacy.
Johansen's next role was as Secretary General in the Norwegian Refugee Council, where, among other things, he was responsible for an arts exhibition that included several anti-Jewish elements. The exhibition presented the Jews as murderers and religious fanatics who pray murder innocent Arabs. As if this wasn't enough, Judaism was presented as "the profoundest reason" for the wars.

The Foreign Minister's Political Advisor Gry Larsen, as leader of the Labour youth organization (AUF), demands a full boycott of Israel. She was appointed as political adviser despite her being responsible for anti-Israel activities, and despite her contacts and close cooperation with a terrorist organisation. The AUF considers the Fatah youth movement as its "sister organisation". The map in Fatah's coat-of-arms, it should be noted, shows that their objective is the elimination of the whole of Israel.

Ex-Prime Minister Thorbjoern Jagland (Labour) has, on several occasions, declared that it is the Jews of Israel who cause the world's biggest problems. For instance: "If there is anything which threatens world peace, it is the Israeli occupation." (Aftenposten March 21, 2003)

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Labour) was the main speaker at a demonstration before the parliament building, Stortinget, during which the swastika was used to present Israel's prime minister as a Nazi and Israel was represented as the symbol of death (April 20, 2002).

The Chairman of the Federation of Labour Unions, board member and ex-Minister of Justice for the Labour party, Gerd Liv Valla, could on Labour Day (May 1) 2002, find no greater injustice to combat than Israel. Valla declared: "We support a boycott of Israeli goods." (Aftenposten May 1, 2002)

Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Socialist Left Party (SV), Kristin Halvorsen, has on several occasions encouraged a boycott of Israel. On January 9, 2006, the Socialist Left Party, with Minister Halvorsen's approval, again made a unanimous decision to boycott Israel. The SV has consistently presented the Jews in Israel as inhuman, brutal, insensitive and warlike people, who steal land and other rights from the Arabs.

The Municipal and Regional Minister ?slaug Marie Haga of the Centre Party supported the boycott of Israel just before being appointed a minister. How can she now oppose the boycott as a member of the government, when she already has contributed to the organising of the boycott? The Centre Party is positively supporting the boycott and other forms of bullying of the Jews of Israel.

While hatred of the Jews is not confined to the Labour movement, it appears that politicians and spokesmen who grew up under the influence of its ideology have absorbed a programme to eradicate the Jewish state. Young AUF members already in 1971 encouraged the destruction of Israel: "The AUF will support the forces that fight for national and social liberation of the Palestinian people. Long term peace is dependent on Israel's termination as a Jewish state, and that a progressive Palestinian state is established...." (As described by Haakon Lie, former Secretary General of the Labour party in his book As I See It, page 132)

This implies that the Labour Party, through its recruiting organisation, the AUF, believes that Israel should be dismantled, and the way to do it is to establish an Arab-Palestinian state - the ultimate goal of the "peace process".

We have not been told that the AUF or the Labour party has rescinded these anti-Jewish statements nor the ideal of eliminating Israel. On the contrary, hatred of the Jews has penetrated further into the government, even into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We appreciate your letters and statements rejecting the boycott actions, Mr. Gahr Stoere. We understand, however, that the real interest behind this clarification is a wish to continue to contribute to the "peace process", as your ministry and yourself have said openly. Yet, the "peace process" is a process in which Israel is under pressure to reduce its territory in a way that makes it easier for its enemies to attack it. Norway is not similarly pressuring the terrorists leading the Palestinian Authority. Norway is doing nothing to stop hostile neighbours making war preparations against Israel. On the other hand, Norway continues to finance an organisation that intends to destroy the Jews in all of Israel: the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO).

We notice that central politicians continually incite people against the Jews in Israel. As their criticism against Israel is one-sided and discriminates against the Jews in many ways, it is clearly anti-Jewish. As there is no difference between the Jews inside or outside Israel, these politicians contribute to Jew-hatred worldwide.

If Europeans stop this war against the Jews, the possibility will arise that the Jews will come to an agreement with the Arabs about peace and co-existence. We therefore urge you, as a contribution to Norwegian foreign policy, to help create an understanding of this issue in Norway and in the rest of Europe. The government must immediately fight Jew-hatred with counter-measures in schools and in the media. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be a first place to start the clean-up.