The Other Crime of Ariel Sharon

What can be said of the Gaza Arabs who applauded the murder of 3,000 human beings on September 11, 2001? By rewarding those Arabs with Jewish land, Sharon not only rewarded murderers, he also made a mockery of the those people murdered in New York.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg,

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Paul Eidelberg
I know it may be unseemly to write disparagingly of a comatose man who may be dying. But I am more concerned about the tragedy of his victims - all too conscious of their suffering. And I am revolted by his creation, Kadima, an unelected party of paltry opportunists now in control of the country. These Lilliputians unashamedly display huge pictures of their erstwhile godfather - still a popular hero. They do so to obscure their own diminutive character and to sanctify their unheroic policy of destroying Jewish communities and turning them over to murderous thugs.

Still, what is the other crime of Ariel Sharon? Everyone knows he dispossessed and deported the 8,000 Jews of Gaza. That he was applauded for that criminal act by various Israelis strikes me as utterly cruel and inhuman. The Israelis who applauded the expulsion - hence the soul-searing trauma of 8,000 Jews from Gaza - what can they say of the Gaza Arabs who applauded the murder of 3,000 human beings on September 11, 2001? By rewarding those Arabs with Jewish land, Sharon not only rewarded murderers, he also made a mockery of the those people murdered in New York.

Before probing further into this other crime of Ariel Sharon, in which President George W. Bush and others were complicit, we must highlight the most dangerous defect of Israel's ruling elites: their inability to clearly define the enemy, to educate the public about the enemy's objectives and to take the steps necessary to vanquish the enemy. Lacking is moral clarity and moral courage - and this is why I am appalled by the government's intermittent and indecisive use of punitive force against implacable foes and unmitigated evil.

Obscured in the terror war against Israel is the collective responsibility of Israel's enemy - the so-called Palestinians - and the genocidal hatred that animates them. We abhor collective punishment because we do not like to think of collective, national responsibility for the perpetration of evil. Yet, historian Daniel Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners confirms, with abundant evidence, Albert Einstein's contention, "The Germans as an entire people are responsible for the mass murders [which occurred in the Holocaust]." Einstein maintained that the Germans
must be punished as a people if there is justice in the world, and if the consciousness of collective responsibility in the nations is not to perish from the earth entirely. Behind the Nazi party stands the German people, who elected Hitler after he had in his book [Mein Kampf] and in his speeches made his shameful [genocidal] intentions clear beyond the possibility of misunderstanding.
The PLO and Hamas have their own Mein Kampf, whose genocidal intentions vis-a-vis Israel are also clear beyond the possibility of misunderstanding. Hence, the Arabs who elected the leaders of the Palestinian Authority are collectively responsible for the murder of Jews. This being so, the reluctance of Israel's government or defense forces to destroy terrorists in Gaza lest "innocent civilians" be killed is criminally irresponsible.

The government and the IDF's first and paramount responsibility is to protect the lives of Jews. Arab "civilians" who do not flee from Arab terrorists, or who allow themselves to be used as human shields, are wholly responsible for whatever befalls them in the anti-terrorist attacks of the IDF. Let us not succumb to maudlin sentimentality about these poor-little-people. Just as they rejoiced when Muslims flew aircraft into the Twin Towers, so they danced on their rooftops when Scud missiles fell on Israel. There is utterly no reason to risk the life or limb of a single Jew for the Arabs in the PA - so many of whom use, or applaud the use of, women and children as human bombs.

Only moral obtuseness, cowardice or fear of adverse world opinion prevents Israel's government from employing overwhelming force against the murderers of the Jewish people. Can anyone imagine the United States exercising self-restraint against the Germans in World War II? Are Hitlerian Muslims less evil than Hitlerian Germans?

Self-restraint toward the PA Muslims was the deliberate policy of Ariel Sharon. That policy reveals his callous indifference to the murder of Jews. But this is not all.

Sharon saw how Arabs cheered the murder of Americans on September 11, 2001. It was his opportunity to eliminate the entire network of Arab terrorists in Judea, Samaria and Gaza - which could have been accomplished in one week during the disarray following the Arab destruction of the World Trade Center. For this criminal negligence, no one is more culpable than Ariel Sharon.