Reach for the Purple Pill

I have been living in California long enough to know that this is a section of the country that can feel passionate about Botox and animals. However, when it comes to anything political, especially when it concerns Israel, they could not find it on the map.

Arlene Peck

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For the past several years, I have pounded out columns lamenting that the world is in a war that so few seem to be "getting". The enemy is a savage culture that I believe promotes the mentality of seventh century barbarians.

Aside from the Muslims longing to return to the good old seventh century, and their stated intention of dragging the rest of us kicking and screaming along with them, it has bothered me, and still does, that far too many politically correct imbeciles feel compelled to accommodate them and to find rationales for their violence. We refuse to educate ourselves on their agenda or take them at their word.

Maybe if we took lessons in sound bites it might sink in that we have been thrust into a war that is destined to last decades. We might also realize that it is time to learn about our enemies, what they stand for, what they believe in and what they do not.

The world press, rather than reporting the news, has taken it upon itself to create the news, lest the readers become too emotionally affected by the subject matter - the barbaric creeds of millions of people. Moreover, I have discovered that it is possible to be a thousand years behind the times and to be cunning and shrewd. The terrorists have mastered the strategy of knowing the Achilles heel of their enemy.

Well, after a two-month sabbatical - caused by tripping when running to answer the phone and breaking my arm in six places - I have had some enforced quality thinking time. I think I finally understand why I had been one of the few, until now, who were "getting it", when it came to the goals of destruction of the Western world by the Muslim culture.

A word slowly bubbled up to the surface of my pain- and drug-induced consciousness - apathy. I used to watch commercials on television promoting the purple, happy pill for every dysfunction known to modern man. So what if it caused heartburn, heart attacks, sexual disorders, constipation and halitosis? The happy pill can make you forget what ails you, and everyone can stay oblivious and happy.

(It is probably a blessing that I have been living in my own cocoon recently. After going to a screening of Spielberg's new movie Munich, where naughty little Steven morphs into Barbara Streisand and, hey presto, the terrorists are victims, I might have become upset.)

Fortunately, years of living in this politically correct cocoon, California, watching news reports better suited to the Enquirer mentality and listening to "leaders" speak in sound bites to accommodate an audience that, apparently, has the attention span of a gnat, I've grown accustomed to the vacuum of competence.

I have been living in California long enough to know that this is a section of the country that can feel passionate about Botox and animals. However, when it comes to anything political, especially when it concerns Israel, they could not find it on the map.

So, when the benevolent president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the owner of 70 million genocidal serfs, announced his grand plan to lead all 1.3 billion Arab and Muslim zealots in blowing Israel off the map, why be surprised when it doesn't measure on the Richter scale of So.Cal.? More important is the fact Jessica Simpson is getting a divorce and Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie both want to start families this year, with or without husbands.

Doesn't matter anyway. We've all "dumbed down" so much that Ahmadinejad is just another Middle Eastern leader whose name nobody can pronounce. Maybe if shock tabloids trumpeted "Hitler found in comprising position with Kofi Annan in Iranian love nest"?

While Ahmadinejad was ranting about World War II and the massacre of the Jews being a myth, Kofi Annan and company were sitting pompously at the United Nations. With them on the dais was an Arabic-language map of "Palestine" that showed a "Palestine" replacing Israel. Despite (Oh gosh. How many?) resolutions ratifying Israel's existence, it now seems everyone is behind the plan to eliminate the Jewish State.

But now that it's finally sunk into my head that there is nobody out there but Israel to do anything, folks - they're not doing it either. Where are the press statements issuing from Israel, advising each of the other Middle Eastern countries that, although Israel always strives for peace, if one of them thinks about dropping a nuke on Israeli soil, they would pay big-time? Israel would bring about the destruction of each major Arab and Iranian city, as well as of the mosques in Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina. Now that might just get their attention.

However, just in case it didn't, I'm all for putting them on notice that the next time Islamic terrorists want to blow up a disco full of kids, or a wedding, or even a school, Jerusalem has the address of their local mosque. Leaders of a supposedly holy place are spending 90% of their time teaching hatred and training their followers in terrorism. Nice. Frankly, I feel every bombing and beheading should be returned ten-fold to the imams who encourage the savages to kill "infidels" and collect their seventy-two virgins.

I absolutely love it that the Council on American-Islamic Relations has issued a 'travel advisory' for Muslim US citizens who will be participating in the upcoming pilgrimage to Mecca. CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association for Palestine, identified by two former FBI counter-terrorism chiefs as a front group for Hamas. It's ironic that they have created a civil rights hotline for Muslims who believe their constitutional rights have been violated by border personnel. Maybe someone ought to remind CAIR, which has mastered the art of using our laws for their advantage, that although not every Muslim is a terrorist, most every terrorist has been a Muslim. Frankly, if I had my druthers, I'd lock up the borders against their return and throw away the key. I wonder how many of my constitutional rights have been 'violated' by the endless beheadings and loss of life perpetrated by their associates?

In fact, crass as this may be, and at the risk of sounding not only politically incorrect but also mean spirited, to all those nice folks in Iraq who do not know squat about democracy - I don't care. I do not give a damn whether their school kids have 11 million new textbooks promoting democracy when ours cannot afford toilet paper.

What's more, even though a little self-serving now that I am "down" physically, I'm at a point where I'd rather see a little more Social Security and Medicare in my country's future and a lot less ideological worry about a breed of people who are going to blow up the schools as soon as we build them. A quick glance at our balance sheet assures me that America is not a bottomless pit of well-meaning aid money. I really cannot see a valid reason why we should not be looking after our own, rather than trying to buy the "affection" of nations and leaders who state, at every turn and at every opportunity, how we are the "Great Satan". Let Saudi Arabia pick up the slack. Might be a better place to invest their money, rather than funding "Islamic Understanding" chairs at our most prestigious universities, which seem to grovel at their feet for such huge sums. There's a politically incorrect word for this disgusting groveling at Saudi feet, for such huge sums: prostitution. Lest you think not, there is a price to be paid for accepting those bribes - I mean, donations - and it is normally associated with being more politically correct than some Ayatollah.

In the old days, the obscene sights we just witnessed at the UN, and hearing such anti-Semitic intent expressed by a head of state would have had me writing off angry letters. But, hey, now I just reach for the bottle with the purple pill and put on a happy face.