Is Israel Becoming a Fascist State? - Part II

Nothing so intimidates Israel's ruling elites than what Americans think of them. Therefore, to stop the Disengagement Plan, Ariel Sharon must be exposed as a dictator.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg,

Paul Eidelberg
Paul Eidelberg
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Let us bear in mind that what endows Israel and its ruling elites with legitimacy and respectability abroad, especially in the United States, is its reputation as a democracy. Nothing so intimidates Israel's ruling elites than what Americans think of them. Therefore, to stop the Disengagement Plan, Ariel Sharon must be exposed as a dictator and the myth of Israeli democracy must be exploded.

A one-page flyer listing, say, five one-sentence fascist statements issued by Sharon and his underlings, plus 10 one-sentence descriptions of how they are actually suppressing freedom of expression and individual liberty, must be distributed throughout the United States, especially to Senators, Congressmen and the media.

Although this will have some negative consequences, I believe it is the only thing that Sharon fears. As Effie Eitam indicated, and as is becoming clearer with each passing day, Sharon is utterly ruthless and will stop at nothing - not even bloodshed - to expel Jews from their homes in Gaza and northern Samaria.

Hence, I believe that exposing his fascist statements and the criminal deeds of his government will put an end to Sharon's dictatorship.

But now I want to reveal the world-historic irony of what is happening in Israel.

What has most hindered Israel from being an authentic Jewish state is that its ruling elites derive their respectability not from being Jews, whose forefathers gave mankind the Book of Books. Nor do they gain respectability from being Zionists - that died 30 years ago, when Zionism was declared racism.

No, Israel's political and judicial and intellectual elites derive their respectability from being champions of democracy, the religion of modern times. Democracy is Israel's holy of holies; it has taken the place of Judaism. The Temple Mount in eastern Jerusalem has been replaced by the Supreme Court in western Jerusalem - and believe me, this is no accident. And so it is democracy, more than any other single factor, that prevents Israel from being an authentic Jewish state.

But the irony is this: As I have repeatedly shown, Israel is not an authentic democracy. Periodic, multi-party elections do not make a democracy - not when those elected are not individually accountable to the voters. No matter which party leader has been in power during the past three decades, the government has been undoing the miracle of the Six Day War. Unless Disengagement is stopped, Israel will return to its Auschwitz lines - and this is precisely what Sharon and Shimon Peres want, to prevent the most authentic Jews in this country, the religious settlers, to develop the Land of Israel and become the natural leaders of this country. This is why the settlers are now being demonized.

But to me, the undoing of the miracle of the Six Day War by Sharon and Peres reveals the work of God Himself! How so?

The first sentence of Israel's May 14, 1948 Declaration of Independence begins by saying the Jews became a people in Eretz Israel. This is a deliberate lie. The Jews became a people at Sinai. Again and again, in Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, the Jews are referred to as a people as well as a nation. We are the only people that did not have a land or a state before we became a people or a nation.

The Declaration tacitly, but deliberately, denies the Sinai Covenant. It bases the State of Israel on territory, on the territorial nationalism of the 19th century. That's the basis of political Zionism. So what do we see today? We see that Zionism is dead, that we are in danger of losing not only Gush Kaif, but all of Judea and Samaria to make room for the Sharon-Peres Arab Palestinian state - their perverse way to prevent the ascendancy of the religious community in Israel. That's what Oslo and Disengagement is all about.

Israel's ruling elites rejected the Sinai covenant by signing and implementing the Oslo covenant. Well, we are paying for this betrayal of the Almighty. Even many of our esteemed rabbis are complicit in this betrayal. So, God is taking His land back from us. Our founders in 1948 failed to create a truly Jewish state, so now their political heirs, Sharon and Peres, are bent on creating an Arab state.

Yes, this is stupid and insane. But this is not merely human stupidity or madness. This is extraterrestrial stupidity and madness. There is a saying. Those God wishes to destroy he first drives mad. You can find the equivalent in Chapter 44 of Isaiah.

You see, what is happening is not only tragic: it is also horribly comic. Imagine this: Israel, which boasts of being a democracy and revels in its reputation of being a democracy - when it is not in truth a democracy - is suddenly perceived as a dictatorship! Do you see the irony?