People are Really, Really Nice

I am going change my attitude and adopt a kinder, gentler one. I have concluded that it will cause less stress and hostility to view the world in the same way as the benevolent media and all those good kind people who really, really do not like being politically incorrect.

Arlene Peck

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I am going change my attitude and adopt a kinder, gentler one. I have concluded that it will cause less stress and hostility to view the world in the same way as the benevolent media and all those good kind people who really, really do not like being politically incorrect. Thinking that most of the world just 'didn't get it' - and were stupid or corrupt beyond belief - was taking its toll on me. I do not handle stress well. I'm a giver.

Why do I say this? Well, for instance, I remember a time not so long ago, when old people could count on getting their Social Security, and the Constitution wasn't under siege by the ACLU and their ilk when anyone had the audacity to mention the name of a higher power. Hell, I even remember when people were not afraid to leave their houses and didn't lock their doors. You'd send your kids out to play and the rule was, "Be home before dark!"

So, when I thumb through the newspaper and see every page filled with the daily horrors world-wide of bombings, beheadings - or whatever this 'peaceful Muslim culture' has done to destroy our world as we know it - I ponder. I shake my head in absolute wonderment that there are still people "out there" who - from now on, I am going to think they are just very, very nice and not morons - think they can really negotiate with the terrorist cretins and make them behave. Yeah, right.

I watched ex-president Jimmy Carter , who never met a terrorist that he did not bond with or an Israeli who he did not think needed his destructive guidance. I reminisce how nice it was during Carter's inauguration when he had the audacity to walk down the main drag in Washington holding his wife's hand while waving to the crowd. Nobody even thought of blowing up the in-coming president of the United State as he strolled down the street. In fact, I do not even recall the word 'terrorism' being a mainstay in our vocabulary at that time.

Has that ever changed! When George W. was being inaugurated, there was more security surrounding him and the entire city of Washington, D.C. than probably the combined forces we now have stationed in Iraq. Does that provoke unfavorable world opinion? Naw, it is just another fact of life that we have all learned to live with since that fateful September 11. Folks, that was our wake-up call. Yet, there are too many who have already forgotten the message.

Much of Europe is no more. Paris? Forget it. The same can be said for Holland, Austria and Spain; they are all well on their way to being obsolete as viable nations. Even here, there is no doubt that the goal of the Islamists is not to live in harmony and join the melting pot of the world or the United States. Instead, they have to multiply and terrorize the citizens into submission, according to their beliefs. The entire Muslim culture is based on submission, starting with their women, who are not treated even as well as their farm animals.

But, hey, with my new attitude, such mundane things like how every waking hour of every day in our culture is being consumed by fighting the hate the Arab world has brought into our lives isn't going to concern me. I am going to be sweet. Instead of thinking evil thoughts about savage barbarians who live to die and drag everyone in their wake along with them, I am going to change my un-PC attitude.

In days past, I did not think that terrorists who shoot babies in their beds and chase children around the schools with rifles deserved nice treatment. Now? I might just go down and rally about how terrorists should be given the protections of the Geneva conventions and other niceties, despite their preference for targeting civilians and beheading captives. When my president gives speeches that we are going to open our purses and hearts for the benefit of Muslim societies, I think I felt as many other taxpayers did - more concerned about "no child left behind" in American schools: I didn't give a diddly-squat whether the killer-cretins were thinking kindly about us. However, now, that is all over. From now on, I am going to be happy for the Iraqis, who now have such a democratic society that they even blow up the schools that we are building for their children.

Not that they would notice, but illiteracy in the Arab world is at an all-time high and rising rapidly, with the out-of-control rise in population. It is possible when you're allowed four wives and have an average of ten children with each. Since they keep their women pregnant, barefoot and out of schools, over half of them are not even able to read or write. At the pace they're going in the Arab world now, it will take roughly 30 years to wipe out basic literacy.

And when we send over another $350 million dollars to Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a. whatever, I won't even reflect on how maybe President Bush ought to consider insisting that Ms. Suha Arafat be asked to open the secret vaults and remove such a paltry sum out of her eight to eleven billion, stashed away previously. I will forget I ever mentioned that it is time we invested in America's future.

Why should I read headlines that speak of the "New demands on Israel for peace"? In addition, why should I feel alarm over my belief that Abu What's-His-Name is really Yasser Arafat in a suit? Why would it matter that this new 'peace-keeper' replacement of the father of terrorism, Arafat, earned his doctorate for a thesis denying the Holocaust?

I also won't let it bother me that he was the financial muscle behind the murders at the Olympics in Munich. Sure, if Israel caves in just one more time, opens the jails to let out another thousand terrorist to join the Israeli work force, this time, it will be different. Especially if the people of Israel give in to just a "few more" conditional demands for peace. Maybe moving out a few hundred thousand Jews and turning over more Israeli real estate to these "peaceful Palestinians" isn't such a bad idea, huh? What is wrong with the mentality of the men who are leading Israel?


I worry about our elections, not how many Palestinians and Iraqis are disappointed or lacking the necessities. I worry about many things, but savage, barbaric people who want to kill us do not worry me in the same manner. I worry that the countries of good people, such as the Dutch and a dozen other countries that are on their way out, will not wake up in time. They will fail to realize that the Islamic culture is so dysfunctional and dangerous that life, as we know it, is very much in peril.

Columnist Ann Coulter wrote, "When there is a 100 percent chance of being hijacked by an Arab Muslim extremist, it ceased to be a profile. It's called a description of the suspect." Yet, not all those 'nice people' in those transitional countries want to tell it like it is. Maybe, from now on I ought to refer to the savages we are watching on our daily news, in a kinder, gentler manner. "Insurgents". Now, that's a 'nice' word.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times, written by an unbiased journalist, I am sure, by the name of Ashraf Khalil, said: "The Power of Anger! Displaced from dominance, minority scorns vote but is still courted." It was how the role of an outsider is a strange one for most of the Sunni Arabs in Iraq, and how we need to be kinder and gentler to these disenfranchised people. I am going to think again that people are really, really nice.

So, maybe from now on, I ought to tone down my insistence that the media, and everybody within earshot, ought to get honest and fair, and take notice that Israel isn't the problem. According to the doctrine of the savage, sub-human Islamists who are swarming into our lives at an alarming rate, destroying everything in their wake, they want everyone who is not them dead, dead, dead! However, it is not a nice thing to say for a nice person such as I. Shame on me for thinking that way.