Profits Over Principles

The only thing that did not surprise me was that Mary Robinson, herself a well-known apologist for Palestinian terrorism, endorsed The Body Shop's award.

Angela Bertz

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I often wondered whether The Body Shop had ever heard of Israel. After all, it is the only free and democratic Western country in the Middle East and potentially a huge market for the company's products. In fact, many a time I have lamented, as the very last drop of Guava and Prickly Pear Moisturizer is smeared over gratefully dry skin, what a difference a Body Shop store with its fabulous collection of skin care products could make in Israel.

Therefore, you can imagine both my surprise and horror to discover that not only has The Body Shop heard of Israel, it has actually been plotting its destruction. The Body Shop's " 2002 Human Rights" award of $300,000, with a quarter of this amount donated to an organization that advocates the "Right of Return" for Palestinian refugees, is an appalling insult to the 1,000 innocent Israeli victims of Palestinian hatred and terrorism.

This is tantamount to advocating the annihilation of the State of Israel.

The only thing that did not surprise me was that Mary Robinson, herself a well-known apologist for Palestinian terrorism, endorsed The Body Shop's award.

The company, as is usual these days, simply turns a blind eye to anything resembling historical facts.

Let me enlighten you, Mrs. Roddick (founder of The Body Shop).

In 1948, within hours of the state's creation, Israel was attacked by all its Arab neighbours. Many of the Arabs that lived here during this time were urged by their leaders to flee, with the promise that within days, the Jewish state would be wiped off the face of the earth and they would return to glory. Thankfully, that didn't happen and 56 years later, Israel sits here firmly and proudly.

The Arabs themselves created the refugee problem. They turned down their own state in 1948, urging the Arabs instead to flee as they unsuccessfully set about trying to destroy the new State of Israel at its inception. Secondly, they were again offered a state in the year 2000. It was rejected. The corrupt Palestinian leadership chose instead to systematically fill their people's minds with hatred, creating a death cult society, demonizing their children and bombarding Israel with four years of terrorism.

Israel has, since its creation, openly absorbed Jews from nearly 100 countries around the world. Hundreds of thousands of these had been uprooted and forced to flee persecution from Arab countries. Some of that money should surely go towards returning them to their former homes.

The Arab nations occupy the 22 surrounding countries to Israel and a whopping 99.9% of the land mass of this region. They care not an iota for their own brethren, preferring instead to let them rot in squalor as uneducated pawns, to be used as a constant thorn in Israel's side.

In your infinite wisdom, you see the "refugee issue" as the heart of the Palestinian cause and the Israel- Palestinian conflict.

No, Mrs. Roddick, nothing could be further from the truth, Such a statement is as credible as one claiming your "Peppermint and Soy Oil Foot Balm" is going to turn an 80 year old lady into an Olympic gold medal winner.

The root of this conflict is the Arab world's 56-year denial of the State of Israel, and using people's poverty and ignorance to promote Palestinian propaganda churned out as fast as The Body Shop can open a new store in Saudi Arabia. Sadly, The Body Shop is just another organization that has chosen the route of total one-sided bias, completely ignoring the terrorism that these hate-incited Palestinians have inflicted on many of Israel's innocent civilians.

Maybe, Mrs. Roddick, you find Israeli children splattered by a brainwashed Palestinian homicide bomber across restaurant walls or the interior of buses of no consequence. Certainly Mary Robinson and the UN, which has never passed a resolution condemning these acts, would agree wholeheartedly with you. I was astounded to discover from your webpage that you support the more-than-dubious International Solidarity Movement, which you feebly describe as a non-violent organization for Palestinian rights. Amnesty International, which has to date barely written a dozen reports to cover more than 100 anti-Israel terrorist attacks, is also rated among those receiving your patronage.

Frankly, Mrs. Roddick, I am appalled by your company's policy towards Israel. You should be ashamed. I can only hope that this atrocious award, which you still display with pride on your website, will now be made public to the large pro-Israeli lobby around the world. Many of them buy your products. Furthermore, I hope that it will cost your company the huge revenue loss it deserves.

On a final note, I was interested to learn that when it comes to your "principles", you are very quick to abandon these when it comes to profit. After all, how else would you explain that you shaped your company around "Women's Rights", when you have opened dozens of stores in Arab countries. These are ruled by oppressive dictators that treat half their population (the women) on such a low level that both yourself and Mary Robinson would have to walk, not only ten paces behind a man, but the same number behind his donkey or camel.

By the way, the only way I will ever buy one of your products again is when you open your flagship store in Israel.