The UN is a Failed Organization

The United Nations recently passed another blatantly anti-Israel resolution in support of extremist Arab Palestinian claims. There is no longer any point in entering into any serious dialogue with this organization.

Rachel Neuwirth,

Rachel Neuwirth
Rachel Neuwirth
The United Nations recently passed another blatantly anti-Israel resolution in support of extremist Arab Palestinian claims. There is no longer any point in entering into any serious dialogue with this organization.

In countless ways, over many years, the UN has proven to be a discredited organization, with lawless elements, which can no longer claim to have any moral standing. Very few of its 191 members can be counted upon to put principle ahead of crass expediency.

The hopeful vision that accompanied its founding in 1945 has long since evaporated. It was the United Nations that recognized Israel in 1947. Therefore, the UN has a duty to protect her from forcible extinction and to live up to and enforce the UN Charter. If the UN fails to protect any of her members, including Israel, then all that remains is a stench along the East River.

Mass murder has taken place over the years in a number of places, with no timely response from the UN. There has also been a UN failure to hold responsible human rights violators, and to oppose rogue states seeking the acquisition of weapons of mass murder. The self-interests of dictatorships, police states, anti-Western, anti-democratic and Arab/Islamic-driven theocratic hell-holes continue day in and day out to paralyze any possibility that the UN could ever encourage true justice. Here are just a few examples of major crimes that were ignored by the UN:

* Genocide in Cambodia in the 1970s by the Khmer Rouge, estimated at two million people.

* North Korea starved to death about two million of its own people.

* Saddam Hussein gassed Kurds and slaughtered the Marsh Arabs, while devastating their fragile ecosystem.

* Failure to oppose the spread of WMD in Pakistan, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, etc.

* Moslem genocide of about two million black southern Sudanese Christians over an 18-year period. Currently, one million people in Sudan have been driven from their homes, with the threat of murdering another 400,000 by the end of 2004.

* Slaughter of 800,000 Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda.

* Constant terror attacks on Israel, plus the usual calls from Arab and Muslim countries for the destruction of Israel.

* Failure to implement its own resolution for Syrian troop withdrawal from Lebanon following Israel's exit over four years ago.

The membership list of the UN's Human Rights Commission roster says it all. Included are Libya, Syria and Sudan - rogue states that support terror and major violations of human rights. This list is more appropriate for a lineup before a vice squad than for human rights guardians. The foxes are guarding the UN hen house.

In addition, it was recently revealed how Saddam Hussein figuratively 'bought' the UN under the UN's 1995 Oil for Food Program. He was allowed to illegally divert 10% of all transactions to himself and apparently to officials of various collaborating governments, including France, Germany and Russia. Also dipping his fingers into that "oily tithe" was none other than Kofi Annan's own son, one of those on the "Oil for Food" monitoring agency.

Entirely legally, the UN itself received a "commission" on all "Oil for Food" transactions. This became a major revenue source for the UN, giving it a substantial vested interest in continuation of Saddam's regime, under lucrative (for the UN) sanctions.

In return for billions in bribes and legal revenues, the UN and some members of the Security Council opposed any US military action against Saddam Hussein.

After all, why would they not want to drag on the search for a peaceful solution with more years of useless inspections. The Iraqi oil flowed out of the ground and the revenue from that oil flowed into secret bank accounts. Hungry Iraqi children became dead Iraqi children, and America became the ever-convenient "fall guy."

The record is clear. Too clear. It is time to stop the pretense that the UN is anything other than a hopelessly corrupt, ever mischievous, ever-conniving, ever anti-democratic, failed organization. It is time to stop looking to it for any honest brokering and to establish an alternative mechanism for dealing with the world's ills, and this time, let it be "by invitation only."

The UN must be radically overhauled in a way that requires member states to be at least on the road to democracy and all voting rights to be restricted to established, representative democracies. If not, it is time to put the old slogan into effect: get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US.

[I dedicate this article to Mrs. Hatuel, her four daughters and her unborn son.]