Mideast Peace With the Stroke of a Pen

Not one word would have been required. The president would have made the king an offer he couldn?t refuse ? accept the reality that Jordan is Palestine or face the full wrath of the U.S. government.

Harry W. Weber,

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Two weeks ago President George W. Bush met Jordan?s King Abdullah II at the White House. The order of business presumably was to share views on the situation in the Middle East.

Had the President known the facts of the Arab-Israeli conflict from its genesis in 1917, and had he truly wanted to solve the Mideast problem quickly, painlessly, and most of all, justly, he would have opened a map of the Mideast before his gentlemanly guest, taken out his pen, crossed out the word ?Jordan? on the map, and in its place he would have written ?Palestine?. Then, he would have signed his name next to the change before passing the pen to the king. Not one word would have been required. The president would have made the king an offer he couldn?t refuse ? accept the reality that Jordan is Palestine or face the full wrath of the U.S. government.

The king, put in such a position would have had no choice; he would have put his name on the newly created map, preferring to remain the head of a renamed state than a king forced to abdicate and live his remaining years in exile.

The Middle East problem ? a global dilemma festering and even dominating the attention of the world?s leaders at least since 1948 ? would have been resolved neatly and cleanly without firing a single shot.

There would be no transfer of any Jews nor of any Arabs from Judea and Samaria, and all Palestinians living outside of Palestine (Jordan) would be granted Palestinian citizenship with all its political rights, thereby becoming resident aliens in Israel proper. What could be better for everyone ? except for those with an additional agenda, such as destroying Israel?

So the question is: why didn?t George Bush do it? Doesn?t he know that the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, its deed being the Holy Bible? Has he not read the Books of Genesis, Numbers and Deuteronomy? They are the words of God Almighty. What more does any God-fearing man need as proof of the divine destiny of the people of Israel in the Land of Israel?

But there is more that the President should know, more recent history. After receiving the Palestine Mandate from the League of Nations, the British government issued its intent to convert the entire territory of Palestine to the ?homeland? of the Jewish people. But soon thereafter, it betrayed its promise and ripped off seventy-six percent of the territory and granted it to a clan of Arab ?royal? refugees from Saudi Arabia, renaming the newly established entity ?Trans-Jordan?.

Today, Jordan is a backward dictatorial monarchy whose population is over seventy percent ?Palestinian?, the rest being Bedouin. Demographically and geographically, Jordan is Palestine. Everybody knew that, until 1967. That?s when Israel, in a war imposed on it by her Arab neighbors, captured Judea and Samaria.

Those territories contain the cities of Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem and Jerusalem ? cities where Israel?s Patriarchs and kings lived three thousand years ago. Who says so? The Bible, the world?s book, says so. Can these lands be claimed, equitably, by any other people, let alone a people no different from any other Arabs in the twenty-two Arab states of the region?

So why does George W. Bush refuse to take out his pen and rename Jordan, thus ending the 55-year-old menace to world peace? Is he brainwashed by Colin Powell and his entourage of State Department Arabists ? still hell-bent on continuing their ?secret war against the Jews?? (The reader is urged to read a great book by that name by John Loftus and Mark Aarons.)

It should be noted that the president?s great-grandfather and grandfather were two of Hitler?s most powerful financial supporters in the U.S., and thus, had no small part in the despicable secret campaign to eliminate European Jewry. Bush?s father is considered by Israeli intelligence its most vicious opponent since Allen Dulles.

The authors of the above-mentioned book state that George Walker, the president?s great-grandfather, ?was one of Hitler?s most powerful supporters in the United States?. Further, a company called Union Banking Corporation, of which he was president, and in which Prescott Bush (the president?s grandfather) was a director, was ?an out-and-out Nazi laundering machine?. Another company in which the Bush family had a controlling stake, Hamburg-Amerika Line, subsidized a wide range of pro-Nazi propaganda efforts both in Germany and the United States, according to the book Banking on Hitler: Sins of the Fathers, by Armstrong.

In 1942, the U.S. government accused Prescott Bush of running Nazi front groups in the U.S., and discovered that huge sections of his empire had been operated on behalf of Nazi Germany, and had greatly assisted the German war effort. They were both lucky indeed not to have landed in jail, despite their great wealth and powerful friends.

Today, the U.S. is in the midst of an all-out war against Islamic terror in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the world. Its determined hunt for Bin Laden?s head, as well as that of Saddam Hussein [captured subsequent to the writing of this article - ed.], stand in sharp contrast to its inexplicable protection of Yasser Arafat whenever Israel contemplates his elimination. Why? And why does the U.S. insist that Israel agree to the formation of a Palestinian State within itself ? knowing full well that it will be an eternal cancer, threatening the survival of the sole Jewish state?

By way of contrast, the whole world sees that ever since Castro took over Cuba and turned it into a Communist state, the U.S. has been relentless in its efforts to destroy and isolate the Communist regime on that island. Why? Because it exported Communist revolutionary ideology, not to the U.S. itself, only to other nations in the Western Hemisphere. In the Bay of Pigs invasion, President Kennedy set out to overthrow the Communist regime in Cuba and kill Castro. In the Cuban missile crisis ? the only time that Cuba ever threatened the U.S. directly ? Kennedy was prepared to take a chance on a nuclear confrontation with Russia and all its possible consequences, in order to prevent a nuclear base in Cuba from becoming a reality. Ever since Castro took power in Cuba, the U.S. has done all it could to strangle and isolate it economically and diplomatically, even though the entire rest of the world ignored America?s policy and maintained full diplomatic relations with the Communist state.

Mr. President, why is it that what?s good for the goose is not good for the gander? Why do you not allow Israel to do to its Cuba what you do to your Cuba? Have you no shame? Why the horrible hypocrisy? Why is the blood of Jewish victims of terror less red than that of U.S. victims of terror? Mr. Bush, the world wants to know! The Jews want to know! God wants to know! You had better prepare a very good explanation for Him.

The conclusion is inescapable. Assuming that the president is not stupid, he must be influenced by a combination of anti-Semitism (which he learned at home from his parents and family, or as an unfortunate by-product of his born-again fundamentalism), his family?s close financial links to the Saudi royal family, and his foolishly mistaken belief that U.S. oil interests require it to surrender the Jewish state to the blood-thirsty Arabs.

From his briefings with the C.I.A., the president must be aware of the huge oil supplies in Russia, and of the great military and economic dependence of the Arab states, especially Saudia Arabia, on the U.S. So what?s left? Unfortunately, the inescapable conclusion is that George Bush is anti-Semitic ? as were his great-grandfather, grandfather and, probably, his father.

Mr. President, ?say it ain?t so?, and prove it. Take out your pen, pull out that map of the Middle East, cross out ?Jordan? and write in its place ?Palestine?. Do it today. Only this can redress your family?s horrific pro-Hitler atrocities against the Jewish people and against the U.S. Do it for your family?s sake, for your sake, for the sake of peace in the world, for the sake of justice. God is watching.

P.S. And for the sake of decency, I suggest you remove the W. (Walker) from your name.