How Do You Know Until You Try?

Since the beginning of the Oslo war process, the mantra of the Oslo Left has always been, "But how do we really know until we try?"

Prof. Steven Plaut,

Since the beginning of the Oslo war process, the mantra of the Oslo Left has always been, "But how do we really know until we try?"

When the Labor Party and their fellow travelers proposed turning the West Bank and Gaza Strip over to the PLO, promising the PLO would then seek peace and suppress the terror, that it would live in tranquility, the objections of opponents were snidely dismissed: "How do you know it will not work until you try it?" hissed the Left. "No one really knows until it is implemented."

Well, it was implemented and now we know. 1,300 Israelis were murdered as a direct consequence of the "testing" of the "ideas" of the Left. And counting.

Then the Left claimed that if only Israel would offer the Palestinians a state in the West Bank and Gaza, purged of their Jewish civilians, along with international recognition of "Palestine", control of East Jerusalem, financial tribute, parts of pre-1967 Israel, and a well-equipped army, then the Palestinians would respond with agreement to make peace. When opponents objected that this was insane and suicidal, the Left caterwauled, "But how do you really know until you try it and make the offer?" Well Israel did, at Camp David II, and now we know. The response was Nazi atrocities and escalated war.

The Left has been wrong about absolutely everything in the past decade. But it defends its "ideas" and insists that they be further implemented by screaming, "No one knows whether or not it will bring peace until attempted."

The latest Leftist program is to make peace by first making the West Bank and Gaza Strip Judenrein. The Palestinians are unwilling to make peace with Israel when any Jewish civilians are living among them and polluting the Arabs with their presence, but if we only expel all these Jewish settlers, then the Palestinians will make peace.

Of course, if all the Jewish civilians are expelled from the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinians will make war and escalate the Nazi terrorism. It is as if someone were to argue in 1939 that after gobbling up Poland, if we only offer Hitler a bit more territory he will no longer desire to conquer all of Europe and will want peace, and after all, how do we know it will not work until we try it and offer him some more territory?

If the Palestinians engage in Nazi terror because some Jewish civilians live amongst them, the only reasonable conclusion is that they will escalate the terror once these civilians are gone.

But I concede that this is inference and not positivist empirical proof. In a strictly scientific sense, we indeed do not know whether expelling the settlers will produce war or peace until it is tried. True, the Left has been wrong about absolutely everything else the past decade, but that is mere inference. And true, no one knows whether arsenic will kill one until one swallows some. Mere inference. Not scientific proof. So you can see the Left's point.

Now, expelling the settlers to see if that produces Palestinian moderation and peace is not the only idea that has not been put to the test through being implemented. There are many other ideas we simply do not know whether they would work on not, because they have not been implemented.

So, I have a hypothetical question for all those Lefties who insist that Israel expel all the Jewish settlers from the West Bank and Gaza to see if that produces peace and tranquility, since without doing so we will not know if it works: Suppose, hypothetically of course, that after each Israeli victim murdered by the Oslo terror, Israel were to hang 30 Israeli leftists from street posts. Would that produce peace and tranquility in the Middle East? I mean, come on now, how can we really know whether or not it would be effective until it is tried? Alternatively, and hypothetically of course, suppose Israel were to respond to a decade of Oslo massacres produced by the Israeli Left by stripping Israeli Far Leftists of their citizenship and deporting them to Syria. Would that produce peace and tranquility? How do we really know whether or not it would until it is tried?

The Nazi atrocity in Haifa, in which two entire families, one consisting of three generations, were wiped out, was the fourth mass murder suicide bombing perpetrated in Haifa by the Oslo Left over the past two years.

As in all previous suicide bombing, the perp was a middle-class Palestinian yuppie. Despite all the nonsense about Palestinian hardship or poverty feeding the terror, in almost all cases, the mass murderers are college students or yuppie professionals. This Nazi was a lawyer. (Remember that Yigal Amir was also a law student? Well, maybe we should shut down all the law schools in the Middle East to see if that produces peace? How will we know until we try it?)

In fact, there is overwhelming proof that membership in the middle class and college education produce Palestinian barbarism and violence, while Palestinian poverty produces moderation and good behavior. The most effective way to stop mass murders by Palestinian Nazis would be to take all the Palestinian students and middle class yuppies and drive them to subsistence-poverty standards of living.

And besides, how would we know that would not work until we try it?

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