AOC’s latest howler

AOC is smarter than you think. She is a tyrant in a ponytail,

Jack Engelhard, | updated: 16:53

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Jack Engelhard
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Kids say the darndest things.

So here’s the latest from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s evoking the Holocaust, and the phrase “Never Again” in connection to our humanitarian/illegal refugee crisis at the border.

I wonder why I am not surprised.

Your need the quote? Okay, here it is: “The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are…I don’t use those words lightly.”

Yes, sweetheart, you do.

You use words lightly any time you relate the Holocaust to anything else. There was only one Holocaust.

You use words lightly when you bring up our worst nightmares for political ambition and gain.

You use words lightly when you won’t let the Six Million of our dead rest in peace.

You use words lightly any time you use Jewish suffering to score points for other people.

Would you be so casually blasphemous if the German concentration camps were the places of doom for your own Puerto Rican people?

Would you be so flip if it was your family, as through this memoir, it was my family?

But wait. I checked back, and found that I had already covered something like this, under the title, “Please stop playing with my Holocaust, Geraldo/Cortez.”

So this is nothing new, this game, and it is a game, the sort children play to get attention, and no doubt about it, AOC desperately needs her daily fix.

From day to day, from her perch in Congress, she dishes one tantrum after another... and all of it neatly planned for the reaction.

She thrives on headlines, on preening, on getting noticed, even if it means catching flak, and there’s been plenty of it coming, mostly from Republicans.

Then this: Former Democratic New York State Assemblyman and Founder of Americans Against Antisemitism Dov Hikind tweeted, “@AOC desecrates the memories of six million Jews who were brutally murdered all in the name of disingenuous political calculations! Hey AOC, go visit Auschwitz before you ever utter the word ‘Holocaust’ again!!”

Yes, he is a Democrat. Nobody’s perfect.

Imagine if we just ignored her and just this once said, “No candy for you today.” Would she just go away? Afraid not.
Either way, why respond to her when we know it’s exactly what she wants? When we snap back at her, she wins; it makes her day.

Imagine if we just ignored her and just this once said, “No candy for you today.” Would she just go away?

Afraid not. She knows exactly what she is doing. No, she is not ignorant, as people say. Of history, yes, she is clueless.

But of manipulating people, she is terribly bright, emphasis on terrible. This is a crafty one, politically for sure.

We can’t let her get away with it because otherwise her reckless message would only spread, and because, as we have learned, silence never works.

Tyrants must be held to account, even when they come so girlie, and in a ponytail.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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