Jewish Women - Our Last Hope

Men have turned into frogs. Virtually all Jewish leaders and spokesmen have been drained of testosterone. (Cal Thomas can't be Jewish. He wholeheartedly loves and defends Israel.)

Jack Engelhard

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How is this thing supposed to work? The more Jews these Arabs kill, the more land they get?

They've already murdered more than a thousand of us, and for this they get Judea, Samaria and Gaza. For the next thousand, surely they'll be entitled to Haifa and Tel Aviv. Yet another thousand and they get all of Jerusalem. Who said terrorism doesn?t pay? It pays and pays and pays. (Just ask Bush and Sharon.)

We now hold "summit meetings" with killers. After his summit with Abu Mazen, Bush and Sharon will surely hold a summit with those two Beltway Snipers, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo.

Sharon wants to make "painful" concessions? Here's one: Leave! Leave office, and this you can do right away.

Who should take Sharon's place? Beats me. When it came to that vote, Bibi ran for the hills. (Good thing there are still some hills to run to.) For the first time in the history of the world, a cabinet voted itself out of its own country.

We are left with a single hope ? Jewish women!

Men have turned into frogs. Virtually all Jewish leaders and spokesmen have been drained of testosterone. (Cal Thomas can't be Jewish. He wholeheartedly loves and defends Israel.)

That leaves the women, G-d bless them.

I?m talking about women like the ones who rescued us once before, the midwives in Egypt (Jochebed and Miriam...) who heroically saved the firstborn, even against Pharaoh's sword.

Thank heaven for little girls... they grow up in the most delightful way.

Isn't there a legend that when Golda met with her cabinet and generals she was the only man in the room? As men continue to wimp out, our strength, once again, comes from our wives, sisters, daughters and mothers. That's where you'll find the valor. They're the ones with the passion for Zion. Watch them as they march. Watch them as they protest. They write, they sing, they fight. By the thousands, they go onward. Nothing stops them. Dozens of such women of valor come to mind (drawn mainly from Internet connections), but I dare not mention them, because if I forget even one, no dinner tonight.

Okay, I will name Women in Green, just as an example of feminine courage, courage to answer as the angels, Na?aseh V?Nishmah. So I?m not going to mention such fighters in the spirit of Deborah as Ruth S. King, Ruth Matar, Nadia Matar, Trudy Gefen, Naomi Regan, Ellen W. Horowitz, Aliza Karp, Charlotte West, Suzanne Davidson, or Arlene Peck (who, by the way, was dropped from a Jewish newspaper for "not being nice to the Arabs." Did that stop her? Are you kidding? It only got her started).

But I will mention a couple of righteous gentile women of valor. Say what you will about Whitney Houston ? she went to Israel with love. The antidote to Sean Penn. Another one is Brigitte Bardot. No, I'm not kidding. She took on the entire PC world when she warned that her native France was being overrun by Islam.

During Uprising Part One, I did some writing for the media watchdog group CAMERA, there in Philadelphia, and it was the women, much more than the men, who were rarin? to go.

I understand that somewhere a voice is heard: A Hebrew daughter has been born... Look out!
Jack Engelhard is completing his latest novel, The Uriah Deadline, a life and death moral dilemma involving a New York City newspaper and its reporters' manipulation of Mideast news. Jack is the author of the international bestseller Indecent Proposal (ComteQ Publishing) and his columns can be read online at He can be reached at