Purim with Rabbi Gold: Mordechai Hayehudi (The great flat tire)

Why is there no rage on the murder of Ori Ansbacher, of a rosh yeshiva who is father of 12?

Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold, | updated: 11:00

Judaism Rabbi Shalom Gold
Rabbi Shalom Gold
Yoni Kempinski

My brother in law asked that I repeat a shiur I gave in the past. Its beginnings were 55 years ago in my first shul and over the years I developed it further. It had to do with a very puzzling dialogue in the Talmud between Rashbi and his students, asking  why the Jews deserved to be threatened with annihilation. He responded by asking for their opinion on the matter. They said it was because they took part in the king's party.

Perhaps they were not yet ready to deal with it, as we still cannot fathom the Holocaust. .

But do we understand a father of 12 gunned down? Why is their no rage?