Is your newborn an X?

We have entered a most debased, regressive,  unholy state where a parent in NY now can choose to overthrow the natural order of the universe and designate his child as neither boy nor girl, just X,

Howard Sachs, | updated: 15:58

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Howard Sachs

It’s hard to go against the grain. We all want to be liked and keep our friends and our jobs. No one wants to be considered one of those backward deplorables, those rubes trying to push back on the the tides of history. Who in their right mind could reject Hope and Change? 

That grain today is Leftism and its potent and relentless attack on the very foundations of Judeo- Christian Western civilization.  Hence, there will be silence from most of the Washington Jewish community as the violent pounding away continues down beneath the basement of America- a pounding away at the supports of our very culture. 

This past week the attack against our civilization of order and distinctions continue. Leftism is at its ultimately a force for utter disorder, chaos and nihilism.  A law just came into effect in a center of Leftism- New York City. Now, there, a parent need not embrace the Biblical view of order and distinctiveness- namely that God created humans, male and female. A parent in New York may now, with the delight of the Leftist leaders,  abuse their children by putting on their birth certificate the designation “X”  for sex. This follows school systems in Europe and America now stopping calling boys boys and girls girls. What wonderful “Hope”. What elevated “Change.”

Could we have entered a more debased, regressive,  unholy state where a parent now can choose to overthrow the natural order of the universe, trash science, violate millennia of wisdom , trample the norms of Western culture and turn his back on the word of God by signing a legal document saying their newborn boy is not a boy or girl a girl- it’s an “X.”.  And to top it off, they will wrap the warped action with the words like “progressive”, “liberal”, and “tolerant”, despite it’s flagrant regressiveness, illiberality and intolerance. 

It’s just par for the course. It’s why about 60 million voters have had enough of this pagan, radical, secular religion of Leftism and put President Trump into office- a man and party still embracing some threads of our wonderful culture. 

The Mullah chanting death to America and death to Israel deserves his $150 billion because who are we to judge his anger towards the us.
This war on distinctions is pervasive with the Left. Boy is not boy and girl not girl. An animal is no different than a human so with the California Left billions of gallons of precious fresh water can be diverted from water starved farmers to save a 4 inch Delta Smelt fish .  It’s why the Godless New York Times just published a serious piece about how the earth might be better off if humans went extinct.

It’s why in the religion of the Left there is no good and evil. The Mullah chanting death to America and death to Israel deserves his $150 billion because who are we to judge his anger towards the us. Everyone has a narrative. It is part of the poison of unfettered tolerance, diversity and inclusion.  

It’s why there is no distinction between holy and unholy. Last week a Leftist freshman congresswoman introduces herself to the nation with the profane words, “we are going to impeach the f*…ker.”

It’s why the left destroys the distinction between private and communal property whereby citizens must bow to the soft slavery of working 6 months a year for their overlords in the State. 

It’s why the Left daily attacks the distinction of the essence of a man and his trivial characteristics. That is why our universities are awash in an immoral fetish of concern over race/class and gender. It's why Harvard, Yale and Berkeley are ground zero for racism setting up “black” dorms and “black” graduation ceremonies. 

It’s why the Left wars on the distinctions of knowledge and wisdom, beauty and banal- telling our young women they do not need a man in their lives, that socialism rather than free market capitalism creates wealth. It’s why they long for the day when the most unwise of the world can vote- our 15 and 16 year olds. 

It’s why they yank Shakespeare off the wall of the English department at U Penn and fill our art world with scatology, crudeness and ugliness. 

Leftism is a poison, destroying the fabric and soul of this great country. This week’s abuse of our kids, the poisoning their own birth certificates is example number 237. All will be quiet here in the non-Orthodox Jewish front. That is also the default position of most of us.

Standing up against the grain is very hard for us all.