What we, Western idiots, will never get about Israel

We Western idiots, who believe in the Palestinian Arab stories of “occupation” and “siege.” are paying for the Hamas festival.

Giulio Meotti

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Here is is how the money of the European Union and the international community is being spent by the "Palestinian resistance."

Hamas in Gaza has just organised a parade to celebrate its campaign against Israel with children dressed up as terrorists. Cost of the grim staging? $534,350 US dollars. Half a million thrown away, so that the Palestinian Arab masses impoverished by Hamas could pay homage to their corrupted jailers. Then they complain that Gaza is in a “humanitarian crisis.”

The photograph of Amiad Yisrael, Shira's murdered infant son, should win the next journalism awards and become viral on social media.
Let's recap: Hamas steals the foreign money and puts it into their own foreign accounts (ask Khaled Meshaal) or uses that money to build missiles and tunnels and organize parades. We Western idiots, who believe in the history of “occupation” and “siege”, are paying for Hamas' barbecue.

No, Israeli and Palestinian Arab societies are not the same. No, a society that glorifies death and war, that puts a rifle in the hand of a newborn, that offers its children as martyrs and hangs weapons on them like garlands, is not like a society where mothers have to bury their children killed by terrorism and sing the praises of life instead of hatred. “I'll show you”, Shira Ish Ran said when she woke up, after discovering that she had lost his baby in a Palestinian attack. “I will give birth to many more children”.

That is why terrorism will never win against Israel. The Jewish State in 2048 will be larger than an average European country. I have never known another people and country so attached to life, hope, the future and to never-surrender of Israel.

The photograph of Amiad Yisrael, Shira's murdered infant son, should win the next journalism awards and become viral on social media. There are no stones, prams, smoke, twisted faces shouting slogans of death and war as in the images of Palestinian Arab mourning that win all the media awards, often artfully mounted. Here are only the hands of a father holding his child who lived just three days. No people and parent, Palestinian or Israeli, should have to live through all this. But only Israel suffers all this without being noticed.

Then I looked at the pictures of the last Israeli soldiers killed by Palestinian terrorists, Yosef Cohen and Yovel Mor Yosef. I never understood, looking at the faces of these young Israelis - children like all the other boys of the West -  how the “nice people”, the pacifists, the leftists, those who call them “occupiers”, do not understand that without them, without Tsahal (the Israeli army), the question of peace between Israel and its neighbors would never even have been raised in 70 years.

Israel, more simply, would no longer exist. Honour to these wonderful boys and mothers who persists in this world that wants to erase them. Their uniform and values are the pledge of the greatest revolution in the last two thousand years of Jewish history.