Western man is becoming obsolete

The demographic group that drives suicide rates is made up of whites without a university education

Giulio Meotti, | updated: 22:37

giulio meott
giulio meott
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In 1961 the American network CBS broadcast an episode of the TV series "Twilight Zone". "The obsolete man", was the title of the episode. Since then, from opiates to suicides, the white American male is now really becoming obsolete.

"Life expectancy in most of the Appalachians is lower than in Bangladesh.”
peaking to the French weekly Le Point last week, the Nobel Prize Laureate for Economics, Angus Deaton. declared: “Uneducated whites are the new persecuted”. The World Health Organization has just announced that a Chinese child can hope to live longer and in better health (68.7 years) than a white child in the United States (68.5 years). “Life expectancy in most of the Appalachians is lower than in Bangladesh”, says Deaton.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal released shocking data on suicide rates for white, middle-aged adults. Anne Case, professor of Economics and Public Affairs at the University of Princeton, states that “the demographic group that drives suicide rates is made up of whites without a university education.”

The white Western man is dying. And his obsolescence has tremendous consequences for the security of the international community, since the Western man is becoming a devirilized pacifist who refuses to accept the use of violence to resolve international conflicts and to defeat Jihadi terrorism (just ask a German man in its 40's).

The best-selling and conservative thinker, the Canadian Jordan Peterson, writes that “the West has lost faith in masculinity”. His central message is a radical critique of contemporary liberal culture, which he considers “suicidal”.

And yet, from Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin through Tayip Erdogan, Viktor Orban and the Chinese Xi, politics is now dominatated by authoritarian males. Jordan Peterson has an explanation: populism is a response to the feminization of society.

In the universities there is a new progressive hysterical crusade to suppress the study of the DWM, "Dead White Males", deceased white male authors.

The French Laetitia Strauch-Bonart denounces the planned obsolescence of men in Western societies in a book titled “Les hommes sont-ils obsolètes?”. The book opens with a dystopia. “France, 2039. Another night of riots. For ten days, the suburbs of the great cities of France have caught fire. Every evening gangs of men fire cars to express their anger. The revolution will be masculine or it will not be. Our residential neighborhoods have changed a lot. Separations and divorces have continued to grow, so much so that many pavilions now house single and unemployed men. Their wives have left the suburbs taking their children with them. Women thrive in communication agencies or personal services, and their salary has skyrocketed”.

And they will have children without the male contribution. “The National Reproduction Institute offers them the opportunity to use the National Sperm Bank, to which every eighteen-year-old man is required to make a compulsory donation”.

According to Strauch-Bonart, masculinity is threatened. Men have lost what characterized them as men in their eyes: the value of physical strength above all. On the other hand, even procreation, which was a source of power for men, is today subject to the will of women. And women also took control of the family. The Western man according to Strauch-Bonart is therefore a victim of technological and cultural progress. The biggest American scourge today is the fatherless child, the end of the father.

A year ago, researchers found that the number of spermatozoa dropped by almost 60 percent in just 40 years among men living in the West. The Israeli geneticist Hagai Levine, author of the study on sperm drop, has just defined it as the “Titanic moment of civilization”. In January, writing for Newsweek, two American scientists, Darren Griffin and Peter Ellis, published an essay telling how the Y chromosome is “disappearing”.

Yes, the symbol of masculinity goes away. The females today have two perfectly normal X chromosomes, the males have a normal X and a wrinkled Y. The European male is now struck by the greatest aging process that history recalls.

The Washington Post published a study that shows that the physical strength of a sample of college men also decreased significantly between 1985 and 2016. The millennial male, filled with ideological victimization, now has a grip similar to that of elderly women.

Drugged, sidelined, sterile, obsolete: the Western white male is shrinking to a useless idiot.  The Israeli man is the exception.