Look at those photos from southern Israel

In Israel, war is not on Netflix. It enters every home, every kindergarten playground, every sports playing field. And it can even come via balloons.

Giulio Meotti, | updated: 07:38

giulio meott
giulio meott
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Look at the pictures. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have spent the night in their “miklat”, their home's safe room, reinforced with 12 centimeters of concrete and iron, to protect themselves from the launching of missiles from Gaza.

We in the West are used to see the “safe rooms” in stupid American movies where a family locks itself up in a safe room to escape from a butcher who wants to kill everyone, or in the films of re-enactment on London in 1940 under the bombs of the Nazis. In Israel, war is not on television, it enters the very homes, and that butcher who wants to exterminate everyone really does exist.

Look at that photo of the devastation caused by Palestinian Arabs from Gaza in the Israeli lands on the border with Gaza. Since 1948, Israelis and the Jewish National Fund has planted 250 million trees, making Israel the only country that today has a forest cover greater than a hundred years ago. This miracle is intolerable to the enemies of Israel. That's why they want to burn everything.

Look at that picture of the balloons. In the West, these are innocuous, festive, frivolous objects. Not in the south of Israel. There explosive and inflammatory balloons, those that have devastated land and crops, launched from Gaza landed on a game field for Israeli children. Luckily, it did not explode. For weeks the Palestinian terrorists have been launching everything - missiles, mortars, kites, balloons, even condoms - against Israel's kindergartens, schools and playgrounds. They  want them all dead.

Look at that picture of a bird, a beautiful little egret, looking for food, but unable to find any because the ground is completely burned.
Look at the picture of an Israeli father protecting the son with his own body. We live in a world now totally absorbed by the humanitarian religion, which is moved by the children of migrants in boats in the Mediterrranean and the children of migrants in  cages at the border with the United States. But the same world, for an obscure reason that is an omen of its own death and nihilism, is incapable of feeling the slightest jolt in the face of this Israeli father shielding his son.

Look at that picture of a bird, a beautiful little egret, looking for food, but unable to find any because the ground is completely burned. This is recorded in photographs taken by the AFP, but unlike the oil-covered birds in the Gulf of Mexico that have become viral around the world, no newspaper is republishing these. Because this little egret is in the Israeli camps on the border of Gaza, burned by Palestinian Arab cruel and destructive fury.

It is alone, that little egret, like Israel.

Preparing incendiary balloons to launch at Israel (Credit: IDF)
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Gaza terrorist prepares incendiary balloon
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90
Incendiary balloon lands in Sderot
Israel Police

Firefighters extinguish fire in wheat field caused by Gaza incendiary kites (Flash 90)

Firefighters run in summer heat to extinguish Gaza area fire
A terror kite over gaza border (REUTERS/Amir Cohen)
Inside a shelter (Flash 90)