No joy from the US media on Jerusalem's big day

A resentful and gloomy media sounds off the day after Israelis celebrate the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Jack Engelhard

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עימותים בגבול עזה
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The Trump administration gets it and blames Hamas fully for the casualties in Gaza, and separating itself from ALL previous administrations, asks for no “restraint” under the circumstances. That is something entirely new. But then comes The New York Times with the same old grudge and runs its top story like this --

“Israel kills dozens and injures 2,400 at Gaza border.”

Kills? That is pure yellow journalism using the active voice to spread a big lie. The passive voice works like this --

“Gas pipelines in Gaza were seriously damaged during Palestinian protests.”

Why so dubious? We know the Islamic terrorists did it to themselves, and Hamas provoked it, but the media would rather you didn’t know as the Times, on the other hand, wants no equivocating and no context as it thrills at any chance to blood libel the Jewish State.

Not a chance to let Israel enjoy the moment; give her a breather for 70 years of success against all odds. No chance at all to blame the other side for anything.

But the Times wasn’t alone acting resentful and gloomy the day after Israelis celebrated the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Coverage was all over the place but without much nuance and the New York Daily News was singularly hateful with its headline of Ivanka as “Daddy’s Little Ghoul.”

,Further along, we catch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer serenade some PLO/PA “ambassador” who was given non-stop privilege to sound off. Blitzer never challenged the man about those “peaceful demonstrators.” No kites flying in with firebombs? No infants being used as human shields and is rock throwing now an accepted form of non-violence?

Then we hear, as always, that they WANT Jerusalem as their own capital and heard it, we did, from one network to another, but nobody, certainly not Richard Engel for NBC Nightly News, asking by what rights do they make this claim. Jerusalem was never their capital, but it was Israel’s capital for 3,000 years, thanks to King David.  

From CNN all the way to the BBC there was handwringing that Trump’s fait accompli dashed “the peace process.”

Hello? From the day Ishmael was born, there has never been a peace process – other than to hoodwink Israel into making concessions.

Is there no one around to explain that the Israelis gave them Gaza to give peace a chance?
We kept hearing that the Gazans are hemmed in with no place to go, which makes them angry. Is there no one around to explain that the Israelis gave them Gaza to give peace a chance?

Instead, the Israelis got rockets and terror tunnels coming their way. Some people are always angry and the more you give them the more they want.

Only Fox News gave it relatively fair and square. Harris Faulkner was on site, offering Israelis a chance to express their joy at Jerusalem, and their thanks to President Trump.

But even Fox News has its odd couple, namely Shepard Smith, who, like Geraldo, bristles whenever good things happen to the Jewish people.  

Still at Fox News, we found Judith Miller, once a top reporter, asking if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will ever compromise enough to give the “Palestinians” some hope.

To which we can only say, “Are you kidding?” Miller, who prides herself in knowing the Middle East, which for years she covered for the Times – surely she knows that before Netanyahu came along one Israeli prime minister after another offered them nearly everything, including the kitchen sink. But from Yasser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas, no takers.

Throughout the day, petulant Palestinian Arab leaders approached the cameras to denounce President Trump, vowing that they will never go along with the United States ever again.

Gee, that’s too bad.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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