Are Israeli officials finally waking up?

The Israel interior ministry under Arye Deri was doing its job by not allowing French mayor Leclerc into Israel. Now it's time to take care of another Jew-hater who takes advantage of Israeli democracy.

Lee Kaplan, | updated: 14:40

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Arutz Sheva reported that Interior Minister Aryeh Deri declined to allow the mayor of the Parisian suburb of Gennevilliers, Patrice Leclerc, to enter Israel Monday. The move followed the recommendation of Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan.

Leclerc was stopped trying to enter via the Allenby Bridge, The Allenby Bridge entrance has been used numerous time by ISM radicals who openly call for the destruction of Israel and promote BDS. It took Israel years to close alternative entrances to Israel by subversives who chose to avoid the airport in Tel Aviv. Many of these subversives still throw stones at IDF soldiers with impunity.

But it’s NOT ENOUGH.

First, Erdan and Deri are to be commended for turning back an avowed communist who supports the Stalinist vision of no Israel and who promotes BDS, despite the fact he is Jewish. It simply displays common sense.

But now, let me point out what these two Israeli ministers should do to add teeth to this action.

Omar Barghouti is the lead organizer of the BDS movement worldwide. He also has become a millionaire as the leader of BDS. especially on college campuses abroad. Omar speaks before similar quisling Jewish groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace front where he promotes BDS and the end of Israel. Barghouti lectures inanely that Jesus was not a Jew but really a Palestinian. He gave a standing ovation to Rasmea Odeh who was convicted of murdering two Jewish college boys.

Barghouti is under investigation for tax fraud in Israel around his earnings as a BDS leader and has been a graduate student at Tel Aviv University for years as he preaches the destruction and boycotting of Israel to the rest of the world.  Yet even after the student body at TAU presented a petition asking he be expelled, he still continued to ply his BDS trade unimpeded.

An American philanthropist who recently learned about Barghouti asked me why he was able to do this. I explained to him that Barghouti, a Kuwaiti, set up a sham marriage to an Arab-Israeli woman that gained him Israeli citizenship and carte blanche to carry on in the belly of the beast. Previously Israeli administrators would throw up their hands and say nothing could be done. But common sense says that Israel does not have to play the fool to Arab irredentists and cut throats. Deri and Erdan should secure legislation that would help Israel and elevate them to statesman status.

In American courts throughout history, the general consensus is that the American Bill of Rights is not a suicide pact to allow subversives a loophole to destroy the state and its citizens. Israel should be no different.
Israel’s Supreme Court has decided in certain cases that Israel has to behave like the village of Chelm in order to preserve democracy. Haneen Zoabi is allowed to be in the Knesset despite her participation in the flotillas that left IDF soldiers severely wounded. Zoabi just appeared in Berkeley last week praising BDS and calling for the end of Israel along with the ISM activists who sponsored her trip and the Hamas support flotilla in which she participated.

Deri said,: "We will not allow anyone who acts against Israel to enter Israel in order to act and incite against the state. This is the authority given to me in the law and I will use it as long as I am required to do so and as long as there is a need to prevent the entry of people who will act to incite against Israel and call for its boycott. "

Now it is time to put up or shut up. Omar Barghouti has already done damage to the Israeli state and its people; his actions are not an attempt at democracy but to facilitate the downfall of the Jews and an end to a Jewish state. The Arabs tried earlier to create these sham marriages to get other Arab irredentists into Israel’s governance, but even the courts recognized their real purpose and suggested that Arabs who wanted to live in Israel to promote the downfall of the state could just as easily live with their Arab-Israeli spouses in the Palestinian Authority. Yet Omar Barghouti is immunie and continues his work without a hitch.

In American courts throughout history, the general consensus is that the American Bill of Rights is not a suicide pact to allow subversives a loophole to destroy the state and its citizens. Israel should be no different.

Deri and Erdan: are you listening? If you can deny entry to a “Jewish” communist mayor from a Podunk neighborhood in Paris because he promotes BDS, then a major player such as Omar Barghouti should be the next deportee denied reentry into Israel. BDS hurts the poorest of Israelis but jeopardizes the livelihoods of us all. Time for Israel to grow up and show that Jews are not victims of their own hubris by overlooking the efforts of those who really wish to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.

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