Civilians fighing terrorists

Israelis are almost the only ones who sacrifice their lives to stop terrorists from continuing their evil work.

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Giulio Meotti,

giulio meott
giulio meott
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The story of Halamish's massacre is one of pure horror, but also of some hope. One of the Solomons killed in the attack last Shabbath fought hard to prevent the terrorist to go upstairs and butcher more innocent people. And an IDF soldier off duty intervened to catch and wound the terrorist. 

Only in Israel, civilians fight the terrorists with their own hands. I don't know another democracy and Western country where non military people act to prevent a massacre. On the doors of supermarkets, theaters, cinemas, department stores, schools, synagogues, and shopping malls, an Israeli guard searches the bags of those who enter. They are the guardians who in Israel have been in danger and often lost their lives to stop the terrorists.

Police officer Mamoya Tahio, a Jew of Ethiopian origin, was killed in an attempt to stop a suicide bombing in Jerusalem. "Like all of us, he dreamed of living in the holy land,"  Adisu Messele, head of the Ethiopian Immigrants' Association, told at his funeral. "He avoided a disaster with his body and he is a symbol of the absorption of our community in Israeli society." 

The Russian immigrant Valery Ahmir was a good doctor but had not found a job. So he supported his family by working as a  guard Yair Mordechai prevented a massacre in the kibbutz Sheluhot. Argentine immigrant Julio Magram was killed in a mall in Kfar Saba. Ukrainian Alexander Kostyuk fell in Kfar Saba at the train station. Hadar Gitlin was twenty-one years old and had been hired as guardian at a Hafula's mall. She stopped a suicide bomber.

The story of these angels is also the history of the Israeli army. One for all, Major Ro'i Klein, who jumped onto a grenade to save his comrades' - the soldiers under his command - lives during the war against Hezbollah in the summer of 2006.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, the only good news came from Flight 93 of United Airlines. Passenger Todd Beamer, a software vendor for Oracle with a cottage in Cranbury, New Jersey, said: "Let's roll", and tried to stop the terrorists. He knew that day would not have a happy ending. But in their sacrifice, he and the other passengers gave America a message of hope.

On American Airlines flight number 11, the first to crash on the World Trade Center, there was Daniel Lewin, a former Israeli Army elite officer, who tried to break into the cabin before the plane crashed into the skyscrapers.

Israel is probably the only Western country still fighting to stop the terrorists. In Europe, the images from terror scenes are ones of surrender, people raising their hands inside the Notre Dame Cathedral and lighting candles on London's Bridge. 

In Israel it is "let's roll" every day.