Frankly, NY Times – we don’t give a damn

If only, just once, you went after Obama as you go after Trump every day, you might still have our trust.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr.
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At this point we don’t care. Even if you caught Donald Trump red-handed colluding with the Russians we’d say, so what? Who cares? Move on.

You’ve lost our trust. We won’t believe you even if by accident you may stumble on something new or true.

You are like the village idiot who runs around town yelling that the sky is falling.

Every Trump headline runs like that, and over the past week it’s been Trump Jr. who’s prompted your hysteria. 

That’s all America is talking about, at least through the media; an alarm which you sounded.

What did he do? You say he met some Russian, during the campaign, who may have had some dirt on Hillary Clinton. That’s the story? That’s the most anyone can figure. It’s called opposition research, of sorts, and there’s no doubt that Trump Jr. showed himself a foolish amateur. But the Hillary camp did it all the time. So did Obama. 

Obama’s tampering and meddling reached all across into Israel when he actively initiated efforts to stop Benjamin Netanyahu from getting reelected. 

If only, just once, you went after Obama as you go after Trump every day…for example Obama’s colluding with Iran and the unauthorized billions he transferred to the mullahs to fuel their anti-Israel, anti-US bombs and missiles, and the illegal payment of millions as a bribe to release Americans held captive. (Except the Jewish captive.) Not a peep about that.

The Democrats, like Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine, are calling it TREASON, what Trump Jr. did. You at the Times are calling it treason by word or innuendo…and that is precisely the problem. That’s all you’ve been saying from one screaming headline to another day after day for nearly a year.

So that now we’ve become cold to your accusations. We shrug – so what else is new?

We cannot take you seriously when every story related to Trump is the same. There is never a lapse for fair-minded journalism. Every story on Trump is intended to inflict pain and do harm. That’s why we’ve stopped believing in you and why we’ve stopped caring.

Even before this latest tempest we were pleading, enough. Enough with the delirious Russia-related headlines. In the name of A.M. Rosenthal, when the paper was good, and when it reflected the best of American journalism, please, we begged, stop this! Stop this obsession. Stop this lunacy. This madness is hurting the country.

You are embarrassing yourselves and the entire profession that was once so honorable. 

Your silence during the Holocaust…your support of communist Russia through Walter Duranty’s misleading dispatches that neglected to mention widespread famine, ought to make you aware that you have entered into yet another dark period of Times reportage.

What you are engaging in today is pure McCarthyism…the means to destroy the lives of people you don’t like. Because you have the power. That’s what this is. 

This is McCarthy, HUAC and the Red Scare all over again. 

You hate Trump. We got it, okay? Are there no other concerns? Is there no other business? Can we move on, ever? 

Elsewhere (in a book on journalism) I wrote, “a biased press is so demoralizing that it can cause neighbor to hate neighbor and brother to swallow up brother.”

Tell me it’s not happening.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva. Engelhard wrote the international bestseller “Indecent Proposal” and the ground-breaking inside-journalism thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” His latest is “News Anchor Sweetheart.” He is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: