A European leader pays homage to the butchers of Munich '72

It is once again acceptable in Europe's high society to discuss the murder of Jews - it is even fashionable to be one of the murderers,

Giulio Meotti

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Jeremy Corbyn
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Jeremy Corbyn first linked the Manchester's massacre, in which 23 British were slained by Salman Abedi, to the “wars that our government has sustained or fought” in the Middle East. A very sophisticated way to find excuses for the carnage of innocent British youth. 

Then the English Labour leader was hit by a even more embarassing story. The Sunday Times found that, one year after his election as the Labour leader, Corbyn placed a wreath of flowers on the tomb of one of the Palestinian terrorists responsible for the Israeli athletes' massacre in Munich in 1972.

In October 2014, Corbyn came to pay homage in Tunisia to commemorate the anniversary of Israel's attack in 1985 at the headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization, carrying a wreath to a cemetery to commemorate the Palestinian terrorists. Corbyn paid homage to an OPL official, Atef Bseiso, head of Palestinian Intelligence and  considered an important planner of the Munich massacre where 11 Israeli athletes were murdered during the Olympics Games.

The name of Atef Bseiso is also linked to an Italian affair. On 5 October 1973, five Palestinians were arrested in an apartment near Rome's main airport, where the police also found Soviet-manufactured Sam-7 air-ground missiles. The terrace of the apartment dominates the “aisle corridor” of access to Fiumicino airport. The purpose of the five was to center the missile on an airplane of El Al, the Israeli flagship airline,
Corbyn defined as “poignant” the laying of the wreath of flowers on the tomb of the Palestinian terrorist. 
while it was taking off. Corbyn defined as “poignant” the laying of the wreath of flowers on the tomb of the Palestinian terrorist. 

It is not the first time that Corbyn was found guilty of supporting incitement and hatred against Israel. This was the case with Interpal, the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, the English NGO financed by Corbyn, who also appeared at numerous fundraising evenings for its benefit. This NGO funded a “Palestinian Childhood and Education Festival” in the Gaza Strip, where a propaganda video was shot in which a large group of Palestinian Arab children are seen wearing the mimetic and simulating the killing of Israeli soldiers with knives and machine guns. In 2013, Corbyn and his wife also accepted an Interpal-funded Gaza tour. One of Corbyn's best friends, Ibrahim Hewitt, is Interpal's spokeswoman.

Sajid Javid, the British Minister of Production Activities, pointed his finger at the “anti-Semitic dinners,” a typical phenomenon in the wealthier London neighborhoods, animated by “middle class people who would be horrified if they were accused of racism but are very happy to repeat slanders about the Jews." And now we discover also to bring flowers to the grave of the barbarian who castrated Yossef Romano, one of the eleven victims in Munich, tortured before being killed. Just because he was an Israeli Jew. 

In the same week as the Corbyn revelation, 200 French personalities signed an appeal supporting Marwan Barghouti, the Palestinian terrorist leader of the Second Intifada, whose wife Fadla is even signed on an article for the magazine Newsweek. Meanwhile, Norway discovered that its aid to the Palestinian Authority was used to finance a women's center bearing the name of Dalal Mughrabi, the vile Coastal Road massacre terrorist. 

The problem is not Jeremy Corbyn. The problem is that in today's Western Europe, the butchering of Jews is justified and even praised at the highest levels of civil society and political circles. Nazism didn't enjoy the same level of popularity and support.

Palestinian genocidal terrorists are fashionable.