Friedman is to “two-state solution” as Galileo was to geocentrism

The two-state solution is a misnomer which rewards terror and brings no solution.

Mark Langfan,

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
The priests of the Catholic Church believed in Geocentrism: that is, that the earth is the center of the universe and does not move.  Based on their grave misconceptions of biblical verse, the Catholic Church considered any assertion that the earth actually rotated around the sun, or Helio-centrism, as heresy.  As such, when Galileo Galilei publicly - and accurately - asserted that the earth rotates around the sun, he was tried for heresy by the priests of the Catholic Church and found guilty. 

Today, the priests of the Two-State Solution Messianic Cult believe that David Friedman, President-elect Trump’s nominee for Ambassador to Israel, has committed religious heresy for accurately asserting that the two-state solution is not a solution to the Arab-Israel conflict.  They will now attempt to convict Friedman of heresy and deny him his rightful ambassadorship.  

The two-state solution is not only a lie. Its existence and continued use promotes world-wide terror and is in the worst strategic interests of the United States of America.

All the Muslim extremists throughout the Middle East saw Arafat awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his terrorism.  And those Muslim extremists knew Arafat hadn’t given up a single bit of his intention to annihilate Israel. 
First of all, the two-state solution is the basis for all the recent Islamic terrorism against the West and against Islam itself.  Why?  It’s simple; everyone sees that the Muslim terrorists inflict terror on Israelis and then get rewarded with land and a better perch from which to commit more terrorism.  Starting with the Palestinian hijacking of the 60’s and 70’s, the world rewarded the Palestinian terrorists with attention and public legitimacy.  Instead of being hounded and destroyed like Bin Laden, the Palestinians were given seats at the UN and considered modern day heroes. Instead of eradicating terrorism, the West deified its core principle: terror gets you rewards, not bombs.
Next, the ultimate deification of Palestinian terrorism came when several delusional Israelis rewarded Yasser Arafat, the ultimate terrorist, the promise of a state in return for his terror.  These hapless and ignorant Israelis laid the very basis of modern-day terrorism.  The entire Muslim world became convinced that terrorism pays, and pays big.  All the Muslim extremists throughout the Middle East saw Arafat awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his terrorism.  And those Muslim extremists knew Arafat hadn’t given up a single bit of his intention to annihilate Israel.  They believed that if Muslim terrorism could succeed against the hardened Israelis, it could succeed against any Western country.
So, from the evil roots of the two-state solution grew the evil tree of trans-national Islamic terrorism of bombing our embassies in Africa and 9/11 and all the Islamic terror since.  What’s worse, based of the two-state solution, the Palestinians and all the world’s Muslim extremists learned that the more terrorism you commit, the more you are rewarded with money and honor.  In fact, many European countries and leftists called Palestinian terrorists “freedom fighters,” further deluding the Islamic terrorists into thinking that they actually had justice on their side.
It’s time to expose the lie that the two-state solution is good for the United States when, in fact, its very existence legitimizes terror against the United States.  If Palestinians or Muslims extremists can commit terrorism for a state in Judea and Samaria, then they can commit terrorism against the United States that supports Israel.  If Islamic terrorists can “legitimately” and successfully attack Israel over a PA State, Islamic terrorists can attack anyone anywhere including other Muslims in Muslim countries.
The time is overdue to burn the two-state solution, and warn anyone and everyone, that terror will no longer bring rewards, but instead will guarantee fire and brimstone on the terrorists until they are eradicated at their source.  The core problem of the two-state-solution is that it contains only rewards for terror, no punishments.  When Palestinians deify their terrorists and terrorism, it’s heads the Palestinians win, tails the Israelis lose.  The world’s terrorists (especially the Palestinian Terrorist-in-Chief, Abbas) must learn that terrorism will not be rewarded with Nobel Prizes, but with Hellfire missiles launched into their living rooms with their whole families present. 

Until, and unless, the world’s terrorists learn that two-state solution is a symbol of the failure of terrorism instead of the success of terrorism, every peaceful person everywhere, and of every religion is at fatal risk.  Hopefully, Mr. Friedman’s ascension to the post of US Ambassador to Israel will start the process of teaching the world’s terrorists that the age of rewarding them is dead and buried, and that the world of reality has dawned.