The absurdity of demolishing Jewish homes – in Israel

Amona is slated to be demolished on December 26. Unreal.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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The absurdity of demolishing Jewish homes – in Israel

In American terms, the Hebrew town of Amona sits on the wrong side of the tracks. Here in the USA we say, so what? Live and let live.

In Israeli terms, the town sits outside the “green line,” which puts it outside “Israel proper.” So forget live and let live.

Like who’s boss – the Knesset or the high court?
Never mind going into all that, I mean what is “Israel proper” and what isn’t, because here we are all about keeping it simple. Maybe too simple.

So come December 26, Amona, situated in Samaria, is slated to be demolished – and never mind that Judea/Samaria are the Jewish heartland.

Amona residents will be displaced unless something happens. Like what? Like who’s boss – the Knesset or the high court?

It’s the high court that ordered the demolition. That came after some leftist group found some papers to “prove” that Amona belonged to the Arabs.

Rather, a few acres were alleged to be held by absentee Arabs, which was good enough for the high court to order the cleansing of all Jews from Amona.

I think I’ve got this right. I’m skipping all the details because we are Americans and what the hell do we know about Israeli politics?

Better you should read Carolyn Glick here about all that, and for the heart and soul of the matter, go here for Rochel Sylvetsky.

In fact I’ve been reluctant to bring all this up in the first place. Why is it our business?

Well it’s our business because we love Israel and this is sickening and absurd.

For all I know, the high court may have it right. I don’t care. I only care about the big picture and the big picture shows Jews being rounded up again.

Rounded up and displaced, just like the old days – though not so old when you think of Gaza and Gush Katif.

Back in 2006, some 10,000 Israelis were “transported.”

Never mind going back that far – how about last week when Arab arsonists destroyed 500 homes throughout the Jewish State?

So on top of that more Israelis must prepare to go homeless. Do I have that right? I think I do.

You’ve noticed that I care nothing about the legalities. Let me tell you why. It was legalities that killed us in Germany and throughout Europe and it was legalities, those “white papers” that the British used before, during and after the Holocaust to dismiss Balfour and San Remo and thus turned back thousands, perhaps millions of Jews from entering the Holy Land.

So don’t give me legalities. I don’t even want the facts. I know facts. I know facts too well.

I get it that Israel must constantly prove itself a nation ruled by law, laws equal to Arabs and Jews.

As if anything the Israelis do will make a difference to Peter Thomson. Who’s he?

He’s head of thjae UN General Assembly who showed up wearing a Palestinian Arab scarf. Imagine him calling balls and strikes.

Right now it’s between the politicians and the jurists as to what’s to be the fate of Amona.

Mostly it’s talk about where those residents are to be “relocated.”

I don’t want to be ridiculous and compare that with the Wannsee Conference where it was discussed “what to do with the Jews.”

Back then it was about methods of relocating and yes, transporting. So I’m not saying this about that. But something about it has the same smell.

The big picture, as it’s playing here in the United States, is that if Jews can be pushed around in Israel, why not on campus?

The million Arabs who’ve taken over 100 of our universities – they’re watching and they are learning.

For me, this is entirely personal. Israel is not “a political entity.”

Modern Israel is a great love story – the romance of a people coming home.

That is the only fact I need.

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