A modern Purimspiel for Election Day     

Think of what Mordecai and Esther could have made of the American election saga.

Dr. Moshe Dann,

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And it came to pass, at the end of the reign of the President of the USA, Barack Hussein Obama, who was no friend of the Jews of Israel and their state, that the FBI was looking through the laptop of low-life ex-politician, Anthony Weiner, and discovered emails from his wife, Huma Abadin, the closest advisor to Obama’s thought-to-be successor, Hillary Clinton.

And it happened that the Department of Justice found out about what the FBI was doing and told the FBI to stop, but many agents working on the case did not.

And it happened, that the FBI was also investigating the Clinton Foundation, a supposedly “charity” fund which enabled the Clinton Empire.

And it happened that the media, which supported Hillary against Donald Trump, were forced to cover the story which erupted only two weeks before the election. Most of them tried to ignore or excuse Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Empire. And, as a result of “Wikileaks,” the hidden illegal and unethical activities of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Empire, and the Democratic Party were exposed.

And it was known – but not covered by the media – that Huma Abadin was born to Pakistani parents and was raised and lived in Saudi Arabia for two decades. Her parents were involved with the Muslim Brotherhood, other Islamist organizations and Saudi Arabia.

And it was that then-Sec of State Hillary Clinton supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Islamist groups in Libya and Syria which were part of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization that became “The Islamist State of Syria and Iraq,”  or the “Caliphate.”

And it was that President Obama and Sec of State Hillary encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR – which assisted terrorist organizations, like Hamas.

And it was that because of the wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq, millions of Muslims migrated to Europe and the United States and a million Jihadist Muslims from around the world went to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. And Islamist Jihadist groups spread throughout the world.

And it was that Saudi Arabia and other Muslim states contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.  These states were also deeply involved with former US Presidents George Bush (father and son) who had business ties to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim states and received funds from them.

It was that Saudi Arabia is the source of Wahabbism, an extreme Islamist movement that provides the ideological basis and is a major funder of all Sunni Islamist Jihadist movements, like the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, and ISIS. Saudi Arabia also promotes Sharia (strict Islamist) law, which allows slavery, killing homosexuals, violence against women and non-Muslims, and committing other inhuman acts.

And it was that the UN was taken over by Muslim and anti-Israel states and the PLO who wanted to destroy the State of Israel.

And it was that President Barack Hussein Obama signed deals with Iran to allow Iran – the foremost state sponsor of terrorism – to acquire nuclear weapons and to fund terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas; these groups and Iran (officially) are also dedicated to wiping out Israel, the United States, and other countries with which it is at war.

And it was that President Barack Hussein Obama liked to play golf and condemn Israel for “occupying Palestinian land,” and “oppressing Palestinians.” 

And it was that many Americans woke up to the dangers posed by Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Empire, and the Saudi Arabian connection -- and Huma Abedin.  

And many Americans were bewildered and worried, and they lamented.

And there was an election, and a new President of the United States.

And America celebrated its national holiday, Thanksgiving. And there was rejoicing and much shopping throughout the land, for there were great sales, and more or less, they lived happily ever after.