Democrats admit they bought a lemon

Meantime, Trump gets more presidential by the day.

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Jack Engelhard,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
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Democrats admit they bought a lemon

If the figures are correct, around 80 percent of the Jewish vote went to Obama – twice.

The trouble, according to my understanding, is that American Jews are still voting for FDR. They think he’s still in office.

American Jews are still voting for FDR. They think he’s still in office.
Never mind that he did us no big favors during the Holocaust.

Chances are that this time the figure will be about the same for Hillary, maybe minus a point or two, yes, a few will stay home, because she is so obviously corrupt and even the dumbest among us can’t be that stupid. Hillary Clinton is a used car that broke down soon as it left the dealer. Hillary Clinton is a lemon.

You don’t have to be Jewish to know this. The rest of America is equally aware that Hillary Clinton is one huge mistake.

This much is for sure, that with an exception or two, the people I canvassed won’t vote for Trump.

He is just too…well, Trump!

So Trump is odd man out even though in his meeting with Mexico’s Nieto today he proved himself to be admirably Presidential and later in his Arizona immigration speech – standing strong on “enforcement and deportation” -- he illustrated a JFK-type resolve (naming illegal immigration the greatest threat to our national security that echoed Kennedy’s focus on the Cold War as the core issue of the day).    

Moreover, Trump shows every sign of being on Israel’s side.

His foreign policy advisers tend to be truly pro-Israel, like Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman. Sheldon Adelson can always be counted on for the Jewish State. Hillary is surrounded by Israel haters, like Soros and the Blumenthals, not to mention, though I am, Huma Abedin, who prefers Islam, which gives the Jewish State no chance.

Read this from the NY Post. Imagine THAT in the White House (once again), but Jewish voters prefer “to vote like their parents did.”

“I know. I know,” they keep saying. They know about Hillary’s being “extremely careless” with her emails, so careless that classified information may well have ended up in the wrong hands. They know how she operated her State Department as a private business to enrich her Clinton Foundation.

Buyer’s remorse? This is where Liberals turn sheepish, scratch their heads in search of an answer, and come up with this: “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

In other words, she’s all we’ve got.

Yes, that’s what you say after you bought a lemon and are stuck with a clunker.

Which brings us to Donna Brazile. She is not Jewish. So thankfully, we are all stupid together. Ms. Brazile took charge of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) after that other lady got caught acting shady; runs in the family, there is no choice but to say.

So when Ms. Brazile, who speaks for all Democrats, was asked about donors being given special access to Hillary’s State Department, as is being alleged, Brazile’s response was the classic retreat of the scofflaw – the So what everybody does it routine. “We often criminalize behavior that is normal,” she said.

Got that? Corruption? What corruption? It is normal. It is, indeed, what we have come to expect.

We have become conditioned to the lowest form of behavior on the part of the men and women who run our country and our world.

Obamacare was slipped through while we were sleeping, and the Iran Nuke deal, which gave the mullahs everything and gave us nothing, was orchestrated while we were wide awake. Did we protest? Were we alarmed that we paid them ransom and keep paying them billions for reasons that appear awfully suspicious?

No, we have become so accustomed to being tricked and deceived.

Another day, another scandal. It’s normal.

As the man said, “vote your conscience.” Or, whatever is left of it.

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