Jews, awake! Confessions of a liberal Democrat

Do not vote Democratic! This is no time to be a loyal Democrat by default.

Jerry Fogel,

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Jerry Fogel

My name is Jerry Fogel. I am a recovering Democrat. Okay, sure, I was a Democrat most of my life. I loved JFK and Bobby Kennedy too. Who didn’t? I remember exactly what I was doing when the shocking news of Kennedy’s assassination came out. I saw on TV Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian crazy, shoot Bobby Kennedy point blank. I screamed at the TV, and I don’t know what I would have done if I’d been there in person.

Even as a kid I was a Democrat by default, having been brought up to revere Roosevelt and Truman. Republicans were the evil rich people. When LBJ passed the Economic Opportunity Act and founded the Job Corps for high school dropouts I went to work for the Job Corps as a teacher at the Rodman Job Corps Center in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I taught reading to inner-city kids from Chicago and New York and rural white kids from places like Maine and West Virginia. I was following Jack Kennedy’s dictum, doing what I could for my country, supporting my young family at the same time. There was no question about being a Democrat, no other possibility.

Martin Luther King was assassinated too. This only strengthened my liberal credentials. To be a Democrat was to be one of the good guys. Except for Senator Ed Brooke. What was this? A black Republican on the side of goodness and light. It did not fit the mold. But, there you have it, Ed Brooke was a good guy and an effective senator, a respected Republican in Democratic Massachusetts.

The Democratic Party has turned its back on Israel and on us. They have betrayed us.
Blind loyalty to the Democratic Party was my normal state. In this I was no different from most American Jews, who feel that the Democratic Party’s promotion of social programs is a better fit with the Jewish value of tzedakah than more conservative stances.

Wake up, fellow American Jews! Take off your blinders and pull out your earplugs! The Democratic Party has turned its back on Israel and on us. They have betrayed us. Did you notice, not long ago, Jimmy Carter misbranding Israel as an “apartheid state?” Israel — the only democratic country in the Middle East, the country which has allowed Arab MK’s who don’t believe in Israel to be Members of the Knesset. The country where Arab Members of the Knesset pay condolence calls to the families of terrorists who wantonly murdered innocent Jews in an effort to destabilize and harm the state, and there has to be A DEBATE in the Knesset whether these MK’s are fit to serve.

How would this kind of treasonous, murderous behavior be treated in any other nation, especially any other Middle Eastern nation? In Saudi Arabia or Iran people who behave this way would be executed, but in democratic (with a lower case “d”) Jewish Israel there is A DEBATE about whether Haneen Zoabi and two other MK’s should be suspended from the Knesset after they paid “condolence calls” to families of “martyrs,” that is monsters, who have shot, stabbed or run down with cars people they did not know for the crime of being innocent Jewish Israelis.

The Democratic Party is the party which shoved down our throats the Iran Nuclear Deal that puts Israel in existential danger and may well trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, this very dangerous agreement which releases billions of dollars for Iran to use helping the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah.

The Democratic Party had PLO flags waving outside at its convention as an Israeli flag was burned. 

My fellow American Jews, slap yourselves! Wake up out of your stupor! If you value yourself, if you respect your fellow Jews, if you want to protect and defend Israel, the one, the only, the original Jewish homeland, the land that God gave us,, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT vote Democratic, especially in the upcoming presidential election when the stakes are so high.