Yadlin's Secret for "Intimate Relations" with Obama

Former security chief Amos Yadlin's plan is so preposterous that it must be excoriated publicly.

Mark Langfan,

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
As Amos Yadlin excoriated PM Netanyahu for causing relations with the United States to sink to "an all-time low," he hinted that only he could achieve an "intimate relationship" with President Obama.  If Labor wins, Yadlin is Labor's pre-designated Defense Minister.  To Yadlin, Netanyahu is a benighted clod who doesn't know how to properly woo Obama into "intimate relations" and only a military genius like Yadlin knows how to give that "secret handshake," that special "look in the eye" that will melt Obama's hardened-heart. In fact, Yadlin is so convinced of his ownprowess that he published his secret strategy for wooing Obama in May 2014: If the Palestinians don't agree, unilaterally retreat from 85% of the "West Bank"!

Short-range rockets from the mountains of Judea and Samaria will range over Tel Aviv and 70% of Israel's Jewish population! It's like firing a mortar from Brooklyn into Manhattan.
Yadlin published a February 2013 article in Foreign Policy outlining his audacious, and not-so-original, methods to gain President Obama's affection.   Yadlin states that if the Palestinians refuse to "resume credible negotiations," it is time to "pave the way for Israeli disengagement from roughly 85 percent of the West Bank."  (That's a direct quote.) This is Yadlin's opening offer without any Palestinian agreement on anything like refugees, military cooperation, airspace, water, and other issues. They get 85% of Judea and Samaria for not agreeing to anything that could get their leaders killed (like waiving the Palestinian Arab "right of return" into pre-1967 Israel).
For the Beatles, "Money can't buy you love." But Yadlin's ceding 85% of the "West Bank" to Palestinian Arabs for nothing in return will probably buy Yadlin a one-day press conference with Obama.

And there's more.  Yadlin doesn't just want to unilaterally cede 85% of the land, he wants to set the stage for his unilateral retreat by Israel peremptorily first "renouncing its [Israel's] sovereignty claims over areas east of the security fence that separates Israel from the 'West Bank'."  (That's a direct quote!)  Not a pre-emptive military attack, but a pre-emptive military retreat.

Yadlin then explains what his 85% strategy will achieve: it "would also undermine the Palestinian argument that Israeli settlements are skewering a two-state solution and encourage them to return to negotiations over the remaining 15 percent of the 'West Bank'." (That's a direct quote.) Yadlin is essentially saying to the Palestinians, "If I let you rape Israel, that will surely coax you into marrying Israel."
Yadlin's strategy of unilaterally surrendering 85% of the "West Bank" won't encourage the Palestinians into negotiating with Israel over the remaining 15% of the West Bank.  With the "West Bank" in the Palestinians pocket, it will force Israel into negotiating over the remaining 100% of pre-1967 Israel.  
Yadlin has a "military solution" for insuring the PA, Hamas, and ISIS won't smuggle katyusha rockets into the" West Bank" and fire them into Tel Aviv from Qalqilya or any of the Palestinian areas adjacent to Tel Aviv.  He says, "The Jordan Valley and possibly other strategic locations should provisionally remain in Israeli hands to prevent the smuggling of weapons to the 'West Bank' and assure Israel's security."
Yadlin claims earlier in his "85% retreat" article that Ariel Sharon and the IDF erred when they left a land corridor "open to weapon smuggling into Gaza."  Yadlin claims he is an Israeli security expert, so he must know Israel attempted to keep controlling the Philadelphi Corridor separating Gaza from Egypt, but it rapidly became indefensible, and Israel had to retreat from it.  Yadlin's thesis is based on the canard that there wasn't a planned IDF attempt to stop weapons smuggling into Gaza. Yadlin's Jordan Valley anti-smuggling defense plan will make the Gaza's Philadelphi corridor, Sderot, and the Gaza-belt Israeli communities look safe by comparison. Israel, as it did in Gaza's Philadelphi corridor, will be forced to quickly retreat from the Jordan Valley as well.
Yadlin's first-step of renouncing of all the "'West Bank' east of the security fence" includes renouncing Israel's sovereignty over the Jordan Valley.  The Jordan Valley is east of the security fence.  By Yadlin's self-declared first step, Israel has lost all legal right to even provisionally militarily remain in the Jordan Valley.
Yadlin opines that the PA will militarily "coordinate these moves" with Israel.  From 2001-2005 when the PA controlled Gaza there were 876 rocket attacks and 84 mortar attacks.  Palestinian rockets fired into pre-1967 Israel when the Fatah PA controlled Gaza.  The difference is that unlike Gaza, the area immediately adjacent to the "West Bank" is the Tel Aviv metroplex with 70% of Israel's population.  So unlike the Gaza belt Israeli areas, short-range rockets from the mountains of Judea and Samaria will range over Tel Aviv and 70% of Israel's Jewish population!  It's like firing a mortar from Brooklyn into Manhattan.  Those rockets are bound to kill Israelis, instead of Gazan rockets that mostly hit empty Israeli farming fields.
Langfan Katyusha Graphic INN:ML

And as I wrote in February 2014, "The Ability to Go Back is Almost Impossible":

Yadlin told me personally that his secret plan was that if the Palestinians fire rockets into Tel Aviv: he'd reinvade the whole "West Bank".  In 2014, I wrote:

"As a tragicomic example of the left-wing generals' re-invasion plan, take General Amos Yadlin, former head of Israeli Military Intelligence, current head of INSS, Israel's pre-eminent "think-tank."  About two years ago Gen. Yadlin was just finishing his stint at the Washington Institute.  I entered his office akimbo, with my shoulders full of maps and plopped my 3d topographic map down between us.  I didn't waste time.  I took out my neon Katyushas rocket piece and said in effect, 'a demilitarized Palestinian state is a military fraud because with one Katyushas rocket from the West Bank into Tel Aviv, Israel's finished.' Yadlin waved me away as if I was a gnat and proclaimed, 'One Katyusha rocket into Tel Aviv, and we'll re-invade the whole West Bank.'

"I smilingly responded, 'So, you think just like that Israel can re-invade the entire West Bank?  Hmm.'  I continued, 'You're very, very brave, general"  But general, if you’re so brave, why don't you schlep with me to the US Senate and we'll both show pro-Israel senators the maps and the Katyushas, and you can tell them that you are going to re-invade the entire West Bank if the Palestinians fired some Katyushas into Tel Aviv.  I've been telling senators and congressmen for 25 years that Israeli generals think they can reinvade the West Bank if a rocket is fired or 'something goes wrong,' and for 25 years they have told me one way or the other that the ‘US will never let them reinvade if they leave."
"General Yadlin paused, and responded, 'So, we'll reinvade a part.'  To which I responded, 'Which part, while the rockets are falling?'  Yadlin saw he wasn't going to convince me, so we parted amicably."  
In the coming Israeli elections, a vote for Labor or even a "centrist" party is a vote for Israeli national suicide.  For, if Labor wins and Yadlin effects his unilateral 85% retreat, I strongly advise dual-national Israelis to make sure that have their foreign passports ready because Israel is finished. For Israelis that don't have dual-national status start reciting the Shema in a continuous-loop because a second holocaust is coming soon to an Israeli neighborhood near you.  And, that's no joke.
Yadlin's 85% unilateral retreat won't achieve "intimacy" with Obama, but instead will bring 6 million Israeli Jews into the immediate range of ISIS and Hamas.