The New 'Settlement' Housing Units Are Holy

No one who cares about Israel should take Obama's protests seriously. They are not the story.

Ronn Torossian

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Ronn Torossian

Syrian Newspaper Suriya el Djedida in 1918, according to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, wrote “The sons of Israel, whom no country on earth could tolerate, who have been killed and massacred eight times everywhere, who have never been able to live in agreement with any nation of the world, who have been the source of all corruption, of all the misfortunes and all the sorrows – they are now working to turn your children out of their country and to seize and swallow their property… Let the Jews know that Palestine is our country, of which they will get nothing unless it be after the waters of the Jordan and the Yarmuk have become red…”

If Jews did not live in the Middle East, militant Muslims would only be able to kill one another rather than kill Jews.
Then came the riots in 1920 in Jerusalem, where Jews were slaughtered, and Jewish women raped. As Hapoel Hatzair quoted a man in 1903 as saying, “Life in Jerusalem is unbearable for anybody with a heart and with feelings… [it is] worse than after the Kishinev pogrom.  There was a trial there – and they did not put on trial those who wished to defend themselves and their wives and children.”

Then came the wars of 1948 and 1956, 1967, 1973, Lebanon and Gaza wars and operations– and let us not forget the vaunted Oslo peace process starting in 1993, when Israel gave and gave and gave.  No matter how much Israel gives, the bottom line is Israel’s enemies simply do not want Israel to exist. 

Re-read what I wrote above – and re-read the history of the Jewish people.

Yet, if one listens to the American State Department this week, the issue comes down to 450 new 'settlement' housing units okayed by the Israeli government. Their claim is that “the move was deeply concerning and would further isolate Israel.”

The truth is, however, that if Jews did not live in the Middle East, militant Muslims would only be able to kill one another rather than kill Jews. 

The American government decreed that Israel building will "inflame tensions, further isolate Israel internationally and will not help Israel's security." Clearly, Obama’s administration has never been focused – and concerned – with Israel’s security.

The Obama administration's opinion should mean nothing to anyone who cares about the State of Israel.

The new homes – 102 units in the Hebron suburb of Kiryat Arba, 78 single-family homes in Alfei Menashe, the 114 units in East Migron, and 156 units in Elkana are holy and should be treated as such.

There is nothing that anyone who believes in democracy can object to about Jews building in the State of Israel.  If anyone objects to these new homes being built, they object to democracy, freedom of religion and decency.  

These new homes are holy parts of the State of Israel.