Take Off the Kid Gloves in Terrorist Interrogations

Torture sounds bad, but it brings results and we are not talking about torture as done by The terrorists themselves.

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Giulio Meotti,

giulio meott
giulio meott
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The IDF, the ISS (Israel Security Services) and the Israeli law enforcement agencies failed to be fast enough in the search for the three Young  Israeli boys kidnapped by Palestinian Arab terrorists. 

Israel should contemplate another measure in crisis terror situations where time is of the essence. torture. This was a ticking-bomb terrorist case in the sense that every minute lost went against the lives of the three students. 

You don't kidnap and hide three Jews without the complicity of the local Arab population and its infrastructures. Israel detained several Hamas members who knew about the kidnapping and arrested many Palestinian Arabs involved in the terror operation. It must now begin use physical and psychological force to extort information. 

Israel did just that before 1999, when the Supreme Court outlawed the use of what it called "hard" interrogations. In 1987 the Landau Commission decided that the use of force was unavoidable in situations where human lives could be saved in the fight against terrorism.

Wasn't that the case of the three teens? 

This is not about cutting off body parts or watching loved ones being raped before your eyes. Israelis don't do those things. It is about sleep deprivation, pentothal ("truth serum") injections, sensory deprivation, waterboarding, head-messing, hard shaking, climate control adjustments.

This is how the CIA saved many lives after 9/11. Waterboarding worked with Osama Bin Laden's henchmen. It will work on the terrorists from Gaza, Ramallah and Hevron. 

Or do you think Israel can govern innocently? The world incites people  to abduct and kill only one country's citizens: the Israelis. Those who oppose torture don't empathize with the innocents, but with the barbarians.. 

Sometimes it is right to get one’s hands dirty. Might makes right. Israel should stop the bleeding heart pseudo-moral idea of being humane to the very people who want to kill Jews. Stop torturing Israeli parents and torture the terrorists. We don't want to see more funerals of Jews on the televisions.

This must be the last one. Terrorists must suffer, not the innocent Jews.