The Hill Prints an Anti-Israel Blood Libel

Unconscionable lies in a respected newspaper.

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Lee Kaplan,

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The Hill is a Washington D.C. newspaper that is read by members of Congress, government officials and probably the President himself. It has been described as a cutting edge newspaper that government officials and American citizens can rely on for accurate information on what goes on at Capitol Hill and around the world.

This did not prevent the newspaper from running an OpEd article on June 10th by Josh Ruebner, the Washington D.C. spokesperson for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, that contained some of the worst blood libels to date against Israel and in support of a terrorist murderer who illegally entered the U.S. from the Middle East. The article was titled “Why is Obama Prosecuting this Torture Victim?”

The terrorist is one Rasmeah Odeh, a former member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In 1969, she planted a bomb in a supermarket that killed two Israeli men and wounded 20 other people. The FBI is currently investigating ISM linked groups in Chicago that include the Arab Action Network that was currently being run by Ms. Odeh for Ali Abunimah, an ISM leader and terror apologist who calls nonviolence “overrated.”  

These groups are suspected of running at least one safe house for PFLP and FARC (South American terrorists) in the United States. Part of this investigation was spurred on by my reporting on the antics of a Jeff Pickert from Chicago who was in Israel rioting with the ISM under the false name Max Suchan. Since returning to the US “Suchan”, a high school graduate at most, has lectured at such prestigious college locales as Hastings Law School in California as an “expert” on the “occupation”.

Odeh lied on her entry papers back in the 1990s about her conviction for terrorism and did it again on her naturalization papers. As such, she is subject to deportation from the US and the Justice Department is currently seeking to do just that.

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is really the ISM renamed. Both organizations were founded by Huwaida Arraf, who has openly admitted she and her organization, the ISM, work happily with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the PFLP, all defined as terrorist groups by the US State department.

Josh Ruebner, whom The Hill unashamedly lists as a “contributor,” wrote an OpEd in which he called for the dropping of charges for deportation against Rasmeah Odeh. To add spice to his demands, he claimed she was “tortured” by Israel. To really add some color to his fabricated claims, he tells a tale that Odeh, while under arrest in Israel, had to endure her father being brought to her cell, who was then forced to disrobe in front of her and the guards, then forced to rape Rasmeah in front of everyone present..

Ruebner has a long history of lying for radical groups like ISM and the PFLP, so the lie came easily. Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project wrote an excellent letter which  The Hill did publish in which he said Ruebner’s goal was to persuade the government to ignore Odeh’s false entry papers and allow her to stay in the US.  That was not an excuse, Emerson wrote.

Below are some other salient points:

When Odeh was released by Israel after ten years in prison in a swap for some Israeli hostages held by the Arabs, she never renounced her double homicide.

She then made her way to the United States where she joined the pro-terrorist Arab Action Network.

Ruebner created the parental rape lie to imply that should she be deported, she would undergo similar “torture” at the hands of Israel. Killing two birds with one stone, Ruebner called for releasing Odeh, at the same time spreading a blood libel about Israel's treatment of terrorist  prisoners, who actually even have the opportunity to complete college degrees while in jail for heinous crimes.

The Hill’s OpEd editor, Joseph Picard, saw nothing wrong with printing the rape libel in the paper’s OpEd section, even listing Ruebner as a regular contributor. This, of course, added credence to the libel.

What readers didn’t know, and even Steve Emerson missed, is that Rasmeah Odeh, if the deportation orders go through, would be subject by US law to be sent back to the country from which she first arrived—Jordan—not Israel.

And Israel has laws against torture. If she had been raped by her father, as Ruebner claimed, she could easily hire an Arab–Israeli leftist lawyer pro bono to sue the Jewish state and collect millions of dollars.

Nevertheless, Picard saw nothing wrong with publishing the canard as a “point of view” and allowed the disgusting fabrication to travel the entire world and the Internet in a respectable paper read by most US government officials.

In a response to Ruebner, I pointed out his lifelong affiliations with the US Communist Party and communist groups inside Israel that call for the destruction of Israel. I also pointed out how Ruebner used the same libels of torture and atrocities such as rape that Josef Goebbels used against Poland at the start of World War II. 

Picard would not print my article, calling it “inflammatory”. He accused me of making ad hominem attacks against Ruebner.because I showed the man’s historical background and actually asked why The Hill prints his fabrications as coming from a “contributor”.

I spoke with Picard on the phone. According to him he felt he couldn’t print the information above because he would be unable to refute letters complaining about all the “innocent civilians killed by the IDF".

A letter to the Editor-in-Chief received no response. The Hill did nothing to refute the rape. The Hill has no retraction for the rape tale, no apology for running it for the entire world to read. Ruebner is no doubt still a “contributor” to The Hill, and will write for them again..

Write Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon and ask him about Joseph Picard’s standards and his own when it comes to allowing blood libels against Israel to be promoted by his newspaper and credibility extended to the likes of Josh Ruebner.

Will the world see “contributions” from Ruebner again, courtesy of The Hill's editors? One would hope not.

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