7 Reasons a 7-Day Passover is Better

In Israel, Passover is 7 days. Here's why it's really special.

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Lily Aronin, CHHC,

Lily Aronin
Lily Aronin

Passover is my favorite Holiday. In fact, it is the holiday the most Jews celebrate, in one form or another, no matter what their level of observance or affiliation.

Passover is simply perfect. The perfect Passover  has only 7 days and is really special here in Israel. Here are my top 7 reasons that Passover is as perfect as is the number 7 – and one of them should bring you here, if you still have not moved to Israel.

Number 7

Passover is only one week. You can do a normal shop and simply add a few extra items for the four additional celebratory meals. When you see how short the holiday really is, you ask yourself how many new packages of tea, that I already own, do I need for one week?  The crazy is much simpler to avoid , as is the credit card debt.

Number 6.

When you have only one chance at each day of the week during Passover, it has to be special. There is only one Sunday, one Shabbat, each day has special Passover meaning and you are free to enjoy it to its fullest. That is good because without the extra days of restriction in the Diaspora, you have a lot more time to travel, walk, play, visit and enjoy the week, instead of washing dishes without a sponge and in cold water.

Number 5

When Passover is a national holiday, every one of the restricted days, you do not have to take any vacation days to enjoy the holiday. That means you are free from the power of your fellow man and subject only to the will of G-d. Just as the true celebration of Passover intends.

Number 4

Passover requires weeks of spiritual and physical preparation, just as it took G-d 7 days to create the world, with the seventh day the perfection of Shabbat. The perfect Passover is seven days of precious  national family time. All stores cover their chametz in public, even the gas stations, and we pay closer attention to each other in every park, picnic ground, zoo and restaurant.

Imagine not having to see your neighbor eat a hot dog at the ballgame, as you enjoy your matza sandwich or to be able to sit in a restaurant and eat potato bread with your omelet and Israeli salad.

Number 3

Passover is unique, since we begin the holiday with the greatest spiritual moment, the Seder, just like when we left Egypt. We had attained a great level of spirituality, only to have to earn it back before the giving of the Torah. 

Here in Israel, Passover represents this struggle completely. We are here celebrating the freedom our ancestors were promised, and we are still struggling to earn it and bring the Passover sacrifice in our third Temple. The 7 days here , represent the perfect culmination of the dream, and the work it takes to earn the gifts we are given.

Number 2

Passover is called the Spring Holiday and just try to spring into Passover when it is snowing outside. In the week leading up to Passover we clean our homes as we watch the flowers bloom and hills become a bright and perfect green. 7 days of Passover is truly a spring extravaganza here in the Holy Land of Israel.

Number 1

Passover is represented in the seder itself. It is the marriage ceremony of G-d to his people. You can only have the perfect wedding in a single night. Repetition does not increase its meaning only the work involved, ask any bride if she wants to plan two weddings instead of one.

Lily Aronin is the author of A Happy Healthy Passover: Freedom for the mind body and spirit. Get a free copy on her website www.lilyaronin.com