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Torah Mitzion
Torah Mitzion

Torah Mitzion's Hanukkah video shows the strength of this idealistic organization, whose shlichim (representatives). many with young families, travel to various parts of the world for several years - after their IDF service - and set up batei midrash (Torah study centers) as well as other Jewish activities in local communities. Arutz Sheva regularly posts an article from Torah Mitzion discussing the weekly Torah portion on the Judaism section of its English website.

The Torah MiTzion movement strives to inter-connect and inspire world Jewry through Torah-centered Religious-Zionism by offering various models designed to reach and impact the Jewish people at both the communal and personal levels, including the setting up of Zionist Kollels in many communities abroad. There are groups in Sydney, Melbourne, St. Louis, Memphis, Moscow, Montreal, Munich, Capetown, Montivideo, Lima and more.

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