Wildly Funny Shabbat Video by Israeli Comedy Team

"Under-dos" is a series of comic videos in Hebrew by a group of hesder yeshiva boys (with rabbinic permission) that is a religious Zionist favorite. This film has an English translation and a lovely message along with its antics.

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The film was prepared to advertise a special initiative to take place on Shabbat Chayei Sara, a week from this Friday, and sponsored by the Beit Hillel Rabbinic group, in which observant families are asked to invite their non-observant friends or acquaintances for a Friday night meal.

"Under-dos" are an addictively riotous comedy group who laugh good-humoredly at all the trials and tribulations of the religious Zionist sector This film is no exception, as the "gutteral" noises are made by the family members who have washed their hands ritually before eating challah, the Sabbath loaves, and are not allowed to speak until they consume some of the bread. However, it is supposed to be sprinkled with salt to remember the Temple offerings, and the father attempts to signal to his family that someone must bring the salt to the table, as often happens in religious homes on Friday night.

 If you don't understand Hebrew, you can still enjoy their non-verbal videos, such as this, (click on the link) possibly their most popular one, about finding a [foirbidden to touch, muktsa in halakhic language] cell phone in your pocket on the way to synagogue service on Shabbat.

"Dos" in Hebrew slang, is someone observant.