Continuing the Vision

The time has come for the national camp to awaken. The time has come to present the alternative and to do that professionally, so that the message is absorbed.

Nadia Matar

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Nadia Matar
Arutz 7

This article was co-authored by Yehudit Katsover, co-chairwoman of  Women in Green 

Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel, is on the international negotiating table. Nothing else. Only Eretz Israel.

The world is interested in the welfare of Arabs only where it is possible to attack the Jews about it.

Syria is drowning in rivers of Arab blood, demonstrations in Egypt end with scores dead, all of Europe is swept by an extremist Islamic wave that threatens to drown it, the entire Middle East shakes and seems to be hanging by a thread, and the world can barely utter a few pretty, hypocritical condemnations, and then quickly goes on as usual - to the "most problematic conflict" in the world - the "territories," a code name for Eretz Israel.

What is in Eretz Israel that draws so much attention?

Water? Mineral deposits? Open spaces? Oil? Gold? Diamonds?

How is it that, despite all that it does not possess, it is one of the most flourishing countries in the world, in the development of modern industry, medicine, agriculture, high-tech?

It is because its children have returned to their God-given Promised Land, and transformed the desert and wasteland into a settled land, whose fruits are in abundance on roadsides and in stores, whose towers reach to the sky, whose scientific discoveries are internationally recognized - and whose citizens work to advance underdeveloped lands.

In light of all this, Israel should be proud and certain of its capabilities, guarding its borders well, understanding its historical role. But, just look, Eretz Israel is on the negotiating table. It stands there alone, its defenders have grown weary, its politicians, instead of safeguarding it, play a dangerous game of roulette.

In the bad-case scenario, this is just "playing with fire", despite the immoral and unbearable cost of releasing 104 terrorists and nothing more - "because in the end the Arabs will torpedo the negotiations and save us from an agreement" as many people wish; and in the even worse-case scenario, this "playing with fire" is liable to leave much more serious burns. We still can smell the stench of the burns from Yamit, Sinai, Gush Katif, northern Samaria, Hevron. With eyes wide open, our leaders continue to jump into the fire, to suffer burns of an even higher degree.

With eyes wide open, our leaders continue to jump into the fire, to receive burns of even higher degree.
It is possible to change course: to leave the path that leads to concessions, and, at long last, to enter the path of Eretz Israel and preserving our historical possessions, the path of the application of sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and the actualization of our sovereignty and the guarding of our rights everywhere - in all of Jerusalem, and especially on the Temple Mount, in the Galilee, the Negev, south Tel Aviv.

The choice is in our hands: to choose the path that leads, Heaven forbid, to the loss of values and  physical destruction, or to choose the vision, the path that leads to the values that Israeli society held dear at the beginnings of Zionism, in the establishment of the State of Israel, in the "settlement" enterprise, in the draining of swamps, in the ingathering of exiles, in Operation Entebbe.

Women in Green chooses to continue and increase our activities for the redemption of lands and the guarding of state lands on the hills of Judea. Along with this, we wish to advance a national campaign for the application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

The ideology of the left - that is, dispossessing us from Eretz Israel - was advanced with tremendous international financing, with perseverance, by well-planned and sophisticated campaigns, and with massive media support. Thus, despite the opposition of the majority of the people of Israel, who believe that the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, the left has succeeded in infiltrating its positions into the Israeli consciousness, as if this were the only ideology that can, and may, be discussed.

Every other vision is dismissed by those who champion the "two-state theory" as being delusional and proven to be wrong, when exactly the opposite is true -  all Israeli concessions brought terrorism, rockets and suicide bombers.

The time has come for the national camp to awaken. The time has come to present the alternative that states, clearly and decisively, that this is our land, and to do so professionally and correctly.

About three years ago our movement began to advance the vision of the application of sovereignty in the Israeli consciousness. We held three major conferences in Hevron and in Jerusalem, with the participation of government ministers, Members of Knesset, public figures, and hundreds of supporters from throughout Israel. In addition to the major conferences, in the past year we also held smaller meetings and conferences throughout the country. Now the time has come for a large national campaign.

A well-planned campaign, that will effect a change in the consciousness, that will show to the people as a whole, and mainly to its leaders, that the application of sovereignty can indeed be implemented, gradually, together with intensive aliyah activity and the encouragement of Jewish births.

If we desire life, we must begin a Zionist offensive that will drive home to all of us the necessity of a return to our roots, to the true vision of full Jewish sovereignty over Eretz Israel.


For our future, and the future of coming generations.